Meet the team

Laura Vickers – Founder of Vinspire

A journalist and blogger who spends her time trying to justify the horrendous amount of wine she drinks by writing about it. Published in the likes of Harpers and The Wine Society, drinks columnist at Hertfordshire Life magazine, and sometimes creates wine lists for restaurants.

Book lover, washing up avoider, and teapot fan. Wants to live by the seaside.

Mostly found drinking: Gin, viognier, and lots and lots of tea. Especially Formosa Oolong (because it translates to something like 'beautiful dragon'!)

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Tim Milford – Wine and Events Writer

This is all Tim's wife's fault. Several years ago, she got him an Introduction to Wine Tasting course and it has all snowballed from there. Tim works in the rail industry during the day, but spends his evenings either drinking wine, learning German, playing in an amateur orchestra, writing his blog ( or a combination of these. He organises an informal wine society for members of his orchestra and plans on taking his WSET Level 2 at some point.

Likes: llamas, cravats, Pinot Noir, German wines, English sparkling wine, German compound nouns, cooking, the inevitability of an English batting collapse, Twitter and spending too much money on food and wine.

Dislikes: people who use the word 'literally' when they mean 'figuratively', people without an open mind or a sense of adventure, the inevitability of an English batting collapse.

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Rachael Hogg – Editor

Rachael is a general booze enthusiast with a particular penchant for gin. However, she doesn’t discriminate and will try anything once.

After studying Music at the University of Birmingham, and a Masters in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University, she spent a fair few years as a motoring journalist – a completely obvious and natural progression… after that, she combined her two loves at DriveTribe and FoodTribe, before a complete switch to all things F&B. 

When she’s not driving, she’s found freelancing in the worlds of food & drink, travel, motoring and music.

Likes: Drinking (of course), driving, cooking, going out for dinner and drinks, music (listening, playing, watching), travelling, walks in the countryside (preferably that end up at a good pub with good, local beer), and a good book.

Dislikes: Going clubbing (she could be drinking nice things out of real glasses with good music), oysters, and people who can’t spell her name correctly.

Mostly found drinking: All of the gin, whisky, bourbon, short ‘n’ strong cocktails, weissbier, Gavi, big bold reds, fizz, and cold brew/iced coffee when she’s not drinking the above or all the other stuff she’s missed off.

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