Do you accept guest posts? 

We're always interested to hear from budding drinks bloggers who have something interesting to say – drop us an email.

Do you accept samples?

Yes! We'll try pretty much anything if it sounds like our readers might like it. Just get in touch.

Will freebies/payment affect your review?

Never. We always review all products 100% honestly. If we don't like a product we've been sent to review, we usually don't write about it at all – we only write about things that excite us.

We occasionally write sponsored posts for a company – but these will always be very clearly signposted and will not include any false or paid for 'opinions' from our bloggers. And we won't write sponsored posts for companies or products we don't think you'll really like.

How do you make money?

If you take a little look at the sidebar, you'll see a small selection of paid adverts for brilliant, passionate drinks companies (see the next question if you're interested in advertising).

We also use sponsored posts (mentioned above) and Skimlinks – an affiliation scheme where we might get a small commission from certain shops if you click through to buy a product we've mentioned. Just like samples, however, we never link to anything we don't genuinely think is the bee's knees.

I'd like to advertise with you!

No problem – please get in touch on vinspireuk@gmail.com.

Where are your images from?

Many of the photos used on the blog are our own. All other images are sourced legally, and are either:
1. Official product/PR images
2. Taken from the Flickr Creative Commons with full credit given to the source.
3. Sourced from free image sites like Pixabay.

If you've seen any image on our site that you don't think should be there, please contact us and we will remove it immediately.

I have another question!

No problem, just drop us an email to VinspireUK@gmail.com

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