Wednesday, 8 July 2020

The tomato juice that made me love a Bloody Mary: Tongue in Peat

It’s happened. It’s finally happened. It took 30 bloody years… but, I enjoyed a Bloody Mary. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried. Oh no. I’ve tried hungover, I’ve tried sober, I’ve tried in the morning, middle of the day and the evening. I’ve gone spicy, sweeter, elaborate, simple, but nothing could make me enjoy a Bloody Mary.

Until now. 

And all it took was some peat smoke and 12 people up in Scotland. 

Tongue in Peat tomato juice has recently launched. It’s infused with peat smoke from Islay, which gives it the most delicious rich, deep, smokiness. 

How do they make it taste so good? Well, the farmer selects fresh tomatoes, which are hand chopped by chef, ensuring maximum surface area is exposed to peat fires. The smoker then uses a traditional smokehouse to infuse the tomatoes for 12 hours. The blender purees the tomatoes with spices at a small batch bottling facility, and the bottlers fill less than 5,000 bottles per batch. The labeller then checks each bottle and ships them off around the world.

It was the first time I’d ever tried a smoked tomato juice, let alone a peat smoked tomato juice. Apparently it’s the only one in existence. 

Being relatively new to the world of Bloody Marys, I thought I’d keep it simple. Using 50ml of Holy Grass Vodka, I just added salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, and garnished it with a stick of celery. Very simple and uncomplicated, but it was definitely enough. That peat packs some punch.

Next time I think I’ll be a little braver and get creative... Apparently a bit of pickle juice in there works wonders. 

What’s your go-to Bloody Mary recipe?