Thursday, 15 November 2018

Book review: Drink Me, Curious Cocktails from Wonderland

Head down the rabbit hole with a new cocktail book from Nick Perry and Paul Rosser.

Alice’s big adventure started when she sipped from a curious bottle labelled ‘Drink Me’. This is exactly what Nick Perry and Paul Rosser’s book is inviting you to do too.

There are 20 cocktails to get your tongue and mind around in ‘Drink Me, Curious Cocktails from Wonderland’ – from the sweet to the savoury, and all surreal combinations in between.

The book is split into three sections:

Part One covers an introduction to all the spirits and liqueurs, the techniques you’ll need, garnishing help, equipment and tools, and glassware.

Part Two is your cocktails, including the likes of the sweet and bitter Queen of Hearts, complex and herbaceous Mushroom, and palate cleansing and light-on-booze Caucus Chaser. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try the Dirty Oyster Martini though…

Part Three is all the extra recipes you might need, including syrups, infused spirits, puree and juices, fat-washed spirits, and how to dehydrate fruit.

‘Drink Me’ is full of gorgeous illustrations and designs, which you can enjoy nearly as much as the drinks themselves. And you even get tips on how to throw your own amazing Alice-inspired cocktail party, and how to garnish and decorate your drinks.

It’s not a book for a complete cocktail beginner though, as you do need quite a few curiosities in your cabinet already. However, everything is well explained, and recipes for the interesting syrups or infused spirits no-one is likely to have lying around are easy to follow.

‘Drink Me’ is a lovely coffee table book for any Alice in Wonderland fan who happens to also like a drink. Perfect for any upcoming Unbirthdays, or Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties.

Get yourself a copy of 'Drink Me, Curious Cocktails from Wonderland' from Amazon, £10,62.

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