Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Last of the summer wines: Five great wines to see you into autumn for under £10 a bottle

We’ve had a pretty great summer this year, but it looks like autumn might finally be on the way. There’s no need to panic though, we’ve got some great wine suggestions to help you transition from balmy sunshine, to crisper evenings.

They’re all less than £10 a bottle, and all available from Majestic.

La Belle Angele Rose 2017

How cute and summery is this bottle? We know you should never judge a book by its cover – or a wine by its label – but this is just so lovely. The labels are inspired by tourist posters of France from the Belle Epoque era.

After the many sickly sweet Roses we’ve seen on the market this summer, this blend of Grenache and Cinsault is refreshing, light and nicely balanced. It’s dry and very fruit-forward, but so perfect for holding on to those lovely summer memories. It would be perfect at a barbecue, or just to sip in the sunshine. Although, to be honest, we’ll probably drink it all through winter under a thick duvet with three pairs of socks on…

Majestic, £8.99 a bottle (£7.49 mix six)

Abbotts & Delaunay Fruits SauvageSauvignon Blanc 2017

This wine is quite an interesting one, and possibly a bit of a crowd divider. It’s another fruit-forward wine, but there’s quite a bit more going on. There’s citrusy and floral aromas, and the wine is quite rich, balanced and aromatic, with a whack of acidity. We miss Sauvignon Blancs like this – you don’t seem to get them much anymore as they’ve mostly been replaced with super-punch-you-in-the-face Marlborough SB.

Majestic, £9.99 a bottle (£7.99 mix six)

La Gioiosa Spumante NV

If you fancy some bargain Italian fizz, how about this La Gioiosa Spumante? The Moretti Polegato family have been making wine for three generations. ‘Gioiosa’ means joyous, and reflects the wine, which is fresh and fruity. It’s got light, little bubbles and fresh apple and floral flavours. It’s a bit less sweet than most proseccos, and nicely balanced.

Majestic, £9.49 a bottle (£6.99 mix six)

Maison Loron Beaujolais 2015

This is a great wine to take you from summer to autumn, and another one that will go perfectly at a barbecue with your sausages and burgers. We seem to be going for the fruity wines with refreshing acidity this week. This Beaujolais is smooth, has bags of raspberry and strawberry flavours and loads of character.

Majestic £9.49 a bottle (£8.49 mixed six)

Boucard Bourgueil Cuvee Dechainee 2017

Another light-to-medium bodied, summery red. It’s silky, fruity, but also has a nice savoury freshness. Plenty of cherry, plum, black cherry flavours, with some earthy, herbal notes too.

Majestic’s sells it under its ‘WIGIG’ (when it’s gone it’s gone) section, so hot foot it over and buy yourself a bottle or two.

Majestic £12.99 a bottle (£9.74 mix six)

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