Friday, 8 July 2016

Brum's Vegan Beer Fest is comin'!!!

Without wanting to give away my ever-increasing age, 'when I were t'lad', Birmingham was built on greasy bacon and sausage sandwiches, gammon and eggs piled high on a plate and, as a light snack for in between meals, a healthy slice of dripping on toast. People would think that 'Vegan' was the latest character to get on Captain Kirk's wrong side in Star Trek and 'Quorn' was just to the north of Leicester.

Oh, how times have changed.

Birmingham is now firmly a hub of all things to satisfy any carnivore or herbivore. Not only have we got the most Michelin star restaurants outside of London, but we also have a new concept in the planning for a street food site, smack bang in the centre of the city. Things are moving on at a hell of a pace, and people are always looking for the next flavour sensation to get their tastebuds singing like Susan Boyle after too many e-numbers.

Step forward my new favourite brewer on the block, Two Towers Brewery, who are part of the brilliantly named 'Mercian Alliance of Brewers' (available to follow at @MercianBrewers).

Taking place on the 15th & 16th of July at Two Tower's Brewery owned pub, The Gunmaker's Arms in the centre of Birmingham, the second 'Brum Vegan Beer Fest' follows on from a awesomely successful inaugural event last year. The whole premise of the event is to showcase that Veganism isn't just about tasteless bits of rubbery soya, and bucket loads of steamed broccoli. Its about well made food and drink, with craftsmanship and flavour from the first mouthful to the last sip.

On show will be generous portions of vegetarian magnificence from Change Kitchen, a top-notch caterer of Vegan and Vegetarian food and also The Vegan Grindhouse, a national award winning Vegan caterer, along with a humongous volume of different beers from local, vegan friendly, under-the-radar brewers from around the Midlands, with a few of them listed below:

Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery (a brewery and tap house based in Coventry.)
Green Duck Beer Co (a small brewery in Stourbridge, with a growing local following.)
Freedom Brewery (established in London, but now in Staffordshire, making big waves in the national craft beer scene.)
Kinver Brewery (hidden gem of a brewery based in Kinver, South Staffordshire.)
Backyard Brewhouse (SIBA award winning brewery from Walsall.)
Craddocks Brewery (Stourbridge-based brewery with 2 wonderfully cosy pubs to boot.)
Fixed Wheel Brewery (tasty beers from this Blackheath based brewery)
Fownes Brewery (mythically branded beers from a stonking brewer in Dudley)

If you haven't dabbled in vegan food, then this is the place to discover it; if you want to expand your beer horizons, this is the place for you; if you want a full stomach and a thirst quenched, get on down there!

Brum Vegan Beer Fest takes place on 15th & 16th July at The Gunmakers Arms, in Birmingham, from 12pm both days. Its free to get in, so pop along!

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