Saturday, 30 April 2016

Get Your Freakshakes On!

Molly Bakes
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears... and your saliva glands... because we need to talk about freakshakes.

In case you haven't heard of them, freakshakes are big, creamy, ice cream-based milkshakes which HAVE CAKES ON TOP OF THEM. And pretzels! And doughnuts! And brownies! And ice cream sandwiches! All with lashings of whipped cream and syrup.

Apparently the idea originated in Australia (darn those Aussies with their nice tans and their beach sports and their much better metabolisms) but it's recently made it over to our fair isle of the UK, and everyone is rightly going nuts-bananas over these gooey, frothy, dreamy milkshake delights.

WHERE CAN I GET ONE? I hear you scream, pawing at your computer screen with longing and trying not to hyperventilate (I'm just presuming your reaction was identical to mine here).

Molly Bakes, London
Molly Bakes in East London is your answer, my sweet-toothed friends. She makes them using locally sourced ingredients AND she makes all the cakes and sweet treats adorning these freakshakes beauties herself.

Here's another two of hers:

Molly Bakes

Yep, told you.

You can also get freakshakes in several other UK locations, including Maxwells in London, the Great British Cupcakery in Newcastle and Fabio's Gelato cafe in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Special props goes to the Great British Cupcakery for giving their freakshakes amazing geordie names like Canny Caramel and Vanilla Thrilla:

They have also taken things to a new level recently with CHEESECAKE FREAKSHAKES:

Bonny Blue indeed.

And don't worry, OF COURSE they make boozy ones. In fact, just yesterday Baileys announced they'd partnered with our favourite Molly Bakes and this is what happened:

What in the name of chocolate sprinkles are you waiting for? Go forth and multiply your body fat by eating as many of these bloody marvellous freakshakes as your fear of diabetes will allow.


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