Monday, 2 November 2015

The best hip flasks to get you through the cold winter nights

Hip flasks, like warm jumpers, scarves and gloves, are one of winter's essentials. Be it boozing on Bonfire Night, Whisky on long winter walks, or Sloe Gin at sports matches, having a hip flask with a nip of the good stuff will get you feeling warm and tingly, despite the dropping temperatures.

Here are our personal favourites.

The Christmas Jumper hip flask
Match your own garish, natty jumper to this kitsch little flask. Great for office parties, where Simon from Accounts will be wearing that Christmas jumper he rolls out every year.

Bonus point: your hands won't get cold holding the stainless steel with this one.

Buy it from for just £9.99.

The photography lover's hip flask

With a vinyl-printed camera wrapping, this stainless steel hip flask is perfect for Instagram fanatics, photography lovers, and anyone who's a fan of all things retro.

This super cool hip flask is available for just £10.09 (plus shipping) from Etsy.

The cat fanatic's hip flask

Because why wouldn't you want this?! Available from £11.30 for a 6oz (or 170ml) flask from Etsy.

The Rum drinker's hip flask

There's surely no better way to drink rum in winter than out of this Havana hip flask?

Beautifully decorated, and it holds 8oz - bigger than all the others in this list - because sometimes bigger is better. Get it from for £19 plus postage and packaging.

The moustache hip flask
In our opinion, there's little more manly than a moustache shaped hip flask. Add some whisky and you're golden. One for the boys (or girls, we don't judge).

Available from for £19.95 plus postage and packaging.

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