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12 gifts every gin drinker will love for Christmas 2015

Seeing as our gifts for gin lovers guide from 2013 is still our most-read blog post by a handsome margin (oh, and by the way, we did another gin fan gift guide last year too) I couldn't resist partaking in this Christmas tradition for a third year in a row.

We've already talked about the ginvent calendar options this year but what of the big day itself? Here are 12 brilliant quirky gifts for gin lovers:

Gin stocking fillers

1. Boozy berries by Pinkster, £7 at Not on the High Street

When the lads at Pinkster told me about their latest boozy creation back in October, I was a very happy girl indeed. You see, their pink-tinged gin (we reviewed it back in February) gets its colour because one of the 'botanicals' they use to flavour it is raspberries.

But what happens to the raspberries after they've got all boozy and wonderful? Well, until now I get the impression the Pinkster guys just had a succession of really good weekends, but now they're sharing these gin-fuelled raspberries with us. Put them in puddings, cocktails and sorbets or just eat them straight out of the jar. Get them in your gob.

2. Boozy gin and elderflower lollipops, £7.50 for 5 by Holly's Lollies on NOTHS

This is just one of Holly's Lollies' range of alcoholic lollies and now I want to try them all. I would very merrily suck these whilst watching Christmas telly - wouldn't you?

3. Gin Glorious Gin, £8.99 from Foyles

I read and reviewed this book earlier in the year and it really is marvellous. I can't imagine any of the gin-soaked lushes I call friends not enjoying this.

4.  Personalised 'gin buddies' keyring, £12 by Edamay on NOTHS

Because who wouldn't want a daily reminder of all the bad decisions they made with you thanks to gin.

5. Gin necklace, £35 by Tatty Devine

Back in July our Lucienne wrote about boozy jewellery gifts and this gin necklace was by far my favourite. It's from the legends that are Tatty Devine

6. Gin notepad, £6 by Of Life and Lemons on NOTHS

I've written about Of Life and Lemons before but this amusing little notepad is a great budget buy for the gin fan in your life. And it's message is so important - spread the word, everyone. There's gin that needs saving.

Other brilliant gin gifts

7. Gin garnish print, £15 from Gin Foundry

Remember we wrote about alternative gin and tonic garnishes back in February? Well, when I was writing about ginvent calendars last week I discovered that those genius folks at the Gin Foundry have created a gin print which teaches you the best garnish for every type of gin flavour going.

I want to hang one up next to my drinks cabinet and have an awesome 2016.

8. Edinburgh Gin cocktail gift set, £45 at John Lewis

Of all the gin cocktail sets I could find, I think this is the most interesting and best value for money. You get two 20cl bottles - one of the wonderful Edinburgh gin and one of their raspberry liqueuer - which is enough to make a fair few cocktails, plus a very nifty cocktail shaker with some key accessories. I particularly love the pourer - you can really show off your cocktail skills with one of these...

9. G and tea caddy set, £16.50 from Post Tea at NOTHS

It's two of the best things in the world rolled into one! SWEET JOY!
If you just want to try the tea on its own (or if you're looking for a nifty secret santa gin gift) you can buy the g and tea blend on its own directly from Post Tea for £4.75.

10. Gin and tonic ice cream, £2.85 from Waitrose.

The day Tim found out about the Sipsmith/Jude's ice cream collaboration which resulted in G&T ice cream was a very good day indeed.

Frankly, anyone that buys me this has my undying love forever, and I can't think of a better thing to eat for breakfast on Christmas morning. And every morning after that...

11. The Ginstitute's Make Your Own Gin Experience, £110 per ticket

If you think this is pricey, you're wrong - it's actually great value for money. Just wait until you hear what the day actually involves!

This three-hour treat starts with a gin and tonic at The Portobello Star in London, before you're whisked upstairs to The Ginstitute for a Tom Collins cocktail and a gin history lesson. Then you get a tour of how Portobello Road gin is made, before learning all about gin botanicals (and tasting lots of gin, of course) and then getting to choose which ones you'll use in your VERY OWN GIN!

You get a full bottle of to take home with you, and then another drink (a martini, apparently!) - and your gin recipe is stored on the Ginstitute's website so you can re-order it whenever you like. How amazing is that?!

12. Craft gin club gin subscription, £40 per month

Again, this is another discovery from earlier in the year, but if you really want the ultimate gin gift (that just keeps on giving) you can't do better than The Craft Gin club's monthly gin subscription service.

These guys really love their gin - every month, you get sent a different craft gin, and this often comes with other goodies like cheese (CHEESE and GIN, guys!) so it's an amazing treat to celebrate making it through another month of your life.

You can stop the subscription at any time (why would you?) and I've not seen one month so far where they've sent anything less than an incredible craft gin - whether I've heard of it or not.

So there you have it, I'm all ginned out for another year. Let this stand here as my official Christmas wish list for everyone I know. And now for another rousing chorus of my favourite carol: "Oh come let us adore gin, oh come let us adorrrrreee gin..."

Merry Ginmas, everybody.

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