Friday, 27 November 2015

The top 20 brilliant and unique gifts for tea lovers

Let's get right down to business, as all good tea lovers do: we all know someone who is crazy about tea. And tea fans make the best friends - fact.

So grab yourself a cup of tea and read my guide to the best and most unique gifts for people who love tea:

1. "You are my cup of tea" Stamped tea spoon, £10 from PersonalisedSpoons on Etsy

So every day when they make a cuppa they can be reminded. <3

2. Pug in a mug tea infuser, £4.95 from Lakeland

For the combined tea and pug lover in your life?

3. Teacup temporary tattoo, £3.07 (plus £3.28 shipping) from Siideways in Canada, on Etsy

YES THAT'S RIGHT. A TEA TATTOO. I... I can't even cope with how perfect this is.

4. Tea club tea towel, £7.50 from Little Mashers on Not on the High Street

The first rule of tea club is... buy me all of the tea club tea cloths. Now, please.

5. Jones teapot tea clock, £12 from George at ASDA

It says 'drink tea and eat toast', and I will never argue with it.

6. Teacup necklace, £9 from Lovehearttrinkets on Etsy


7. Tea plant gift, £49 from The Present Tree on NOTHS

Grow your own tea leaves! Amazing!

8. Tea and cake gift set, £15 from The Contemporary Home

A mug for your tea nestled into a special plate for your cake. Now there's no excuse not to eat cake EVERY DAY.

9. Teapot mirror, £32 from OneTenZeroSeven on Etsy

Isn't it gorgeous? And the perfect size mirror to hang in the hallway by the front door to check your face on the way out every day.

10. 'Ring for tea' desk bell, £2.49 from FindMeAGift

I was given this for Christmas two years ago. It gets used SO SO MUCH. And somehow it always works? I've got my other half trained better than Pavlov's cat.

11. Book and tea lover print, £16 from Old English Company on NOTHS

This is true of so many of my friends I fear I might bankrupt myself buying them all one of these prints...

12. Teacup ceramic table lamp, £29.99 from Homebase

I. JUST. LOVE IT! You can put it in your cosiest reading corner.

13. Silver and peach flowery knitted tea cosy, £17.50 (+ £3.90 shipping from South Africa) from Bitty Creations on Etsy

I don't think I've ever seen a prettier tea cosy. I'd want to use my teapot every day if I had this.

14. Knitted snail tea cosy, £16.99 from RupertsHouse on Etsy

OR you could go FULL ON SILLY and get this hilarious snail cosy. The big eyes make me giggle every time I look at them.

15. Penguin tea-boy with timer, £18.23 from Amazon

Speaking of daft things, I just love this little guy. He's got a top hat! However, he actually does have a pretty great purpose too - the timer means you can brew the perfect cup of tea! Just let it steep for three minutes and PING! You're done.

16. Make Your Own Tea Blend gift box, £31 from Silver Lantern Tea on NOTHS

I can think of no greater power to give to a tea lover than letting them blend their OWN tea. This is worth every penny, I reckon.

17. SUCK UK My Cuppa Tea mug, £4.64 from Prezzybox

A colour-matching chart mug so you can brew the perfect strength tea with the right amount of milk every time! Shut up and take my money!

18. 'Busy drinking tea' tea towel, £12 from Busy Being on NOTHS

A perfect little celebration of tea in tea towel form.

19. Slow-brew sloth tea infuser, £10.99 from FindMeAGift

I can't decide if I like this one or the pug one (above) best. But sloths are so trendy right now, aren't they? Everyone loves sloths. And I bet sloths love tea.

20. Teapot necklace, £14 from OneTenZeroSeven on NOTHS

If the mirror above is just a bit too pricey for you, you can give your tea fanatic friend this gorgeous little wooden teapot necklace instead. And get one for me while you're at it.

Right, that's the end of my tea gift guide for you all. I'm off to put the kettle on... In the mean time, tell me your favourite or share your own brilliant tea presents in the comments!

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  1. Oh I love the spoon, it's so sweet. I should leave my laptop open on this page to drop a hint to my husband. The colour match cup is great too - it would have been useful when I worked in an office with a tea round as the colours were very variable!