Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Super spooky Halloween spirits to drink

If you're planning the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties on Saturday and you want a fully stocked spooky bar, then look no further.

I was super impressed to discover that The Whisky Exchange actually has a whole section for Halloween booze, and a scroll through reveals some utterly perfect bottles to display at your party and use to make deadly cocktails.

Here's some of my favourites:

1. Black Death Vodka, £23.95

A pure and crisp beet-based English vodka. And actually surprisingly affordable. Extra points for the silver skull on the label wearing a top hat.

2. Bloodshot vodka spirit, £24.95

I first reviewed bloodshot as "the world's first Bloody Mary liqueur" and it really is perfect for making this iconic "hangover cure" of a drink. It might be fun the morning after - but then again, who wouldn't want a bloody cocktail for Halloween?

3. Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon, £25.95

Not only is this a pleasingly sinister named whiskey for Halloween, it's actually quite an interesting drink: the 6 year old bourbon is blended with spirit extracted from the wood of the cask it was matured in, giving a powerful-tasting bourbon with a hefty woody richness.

4. Death's Door Gin, £42.45

This American gin is from Wisconsin and is a higher-than-usual 47%, so it really is a deadly spirit to serve at your party (they recommend using more tonic than usual, or less gin!)

I've thoroughly enjoyed the other American gins I've tried so this is a good opportunity to give a new one a go.

5. Deadhead 6 year old rum, £48.45

This probably wins hands down for creepiest bottle - not only in this blog post but in the entire Halloween spirits range!

This Mexican rum has been put in bottles that resemble those mega-sinister shrunken heads that Amazonian tribes used as battle trophies - and conjours up all kinds of heebie-jeebies.

6. Pumpkin face reserve rum, £53.95

Last but not least, a rum from the Dominican Republic that has been bottled in brilliant pumpkin-shaped glass. It may seem on the pricey side for a Halloween gimick - but it's not all fluff - this is worth buying in its own right, as it's made from rums distilled as far back as the 1980s and aged for up to 20 years. A rich and spicy treat for rum fans.

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