Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sozzled Skits: Top 5 Wine Comedy Shorts from Classic 1990s British TV

Once, someone said that laughter is the liquor of life, not realising that grappa had probably claimed that title back in centuries gone by (although, on a side note, any time I've had the Italian firewater, the following day my life has felt that it was about to end at any moment...).

However, that said, the endorphin rush of having a chuckle can only be matched by that hazy moment of perfection as you reach the nirvana of the second glass of red or the third pint of the amber nectar. 

So, its with this in mind that I have reached into the recesses of this 34 year old's mind and yanked out some comedy gems that I remember from back in my 'yuuf' in the nineties and noughties. So pull up a bean bag, grab a bottle of something suitably ABV-rich and get ready to (maybe) stop your funny bone from spontaneously combusting...

No. 5 - Smack the Pony - Woman and Wine Box

Classic late nineties and early noughties sketch show which helped to launch the careers of Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips. Watch the sketch and, although I currently have no children and can only imagine the stresses and strains of keeping the little blighters under control, I can kind of understand how this is still relevant today.

No.4 - The Fast Show - I was very, very drunk

Bleedin' brilliant nineties comedy sketch show that had so many funny people in it, it was nearly prescribed on the NHS as a miracle cure for grumpiness. Paul Whitehouse is really funny as Rowley Birkin QC and, working in wine retail, I talk to people with this tone of voice on a daily basis and going to the pub where I live, I've heard this level of unintelligible chat a fair few times.

No. 3 - Father Ted - Picnic

Without doubt, a proper gem of a comedy sitcom show. Created by Graham Linehan (genius writer who, apart from this, helped create The IT Crowd and Black Books - check them out if you haven't already!), this put Ardal O'Hanlon on the map and made the words 'FECK! DRINK! ARSE! GIRLS!' socially acceptable to shout out in public... only in a faux Irish accent though.

NO. 2 - The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer - Food & Drink Parody

Anarchic comedy show with the pioneers of madcap, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. For the lovers of The League of Gentleman or anything from Noel Fielding, these boys lit the touchpaper. A fantastically funny take on the famous show of the 80's and 90's The Food and Drink Show, with the best laugh-out-loud bit for me being the price quoted for the wine. Them's were the days...

No. 1 - Punt & Dennis - World of Wine

Absolute geniuses, the both of them. You'll recognise Hugh Dennis from his regular stints on Mock the Week, but maybe less so Steve Punt, unless you listen to Radio 4, where he does a lot of brilliant comedy including The Now Show. But back in the mid-nineties, their show 'The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show' was must-see TV. This skit (they did another one titled World of Whisky, which was just as good) is as good as tipsy comedy can get. Fact.

Do you have some more to tickle the comedy tastebuds? Feel free to comment on twitter, facebook or comment below!

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