Monday, 19 October 2015

8 Reasons to Love Pop Brixton

I love Pop Brixton. This place has everything. From food to booze, an ever-changing events program and a beautiful space, this space rocks. If you haven’t been down (or up) there yet, here is a little more as to why you need to jump on the Victoria line and take the last stop…

One: It looks great. 
The group who did the design and build have nailed it. It's not a huge space that can cater for masses, but it has the ability to still feel full with even 10 people in there. There are lots of places to sit and eat and many plant boxes to perch around. 

The downstairs space is one big beer garden and the upstairs has shelter from the rain. And the space is growing- they have just recently put in a stage area which you can catch Rugby world cup matches, DJ’s and more. So literally: watch this space…

Two: The selection of food is excellent. 
There are savoury crepes (who use gruyere and pre cook their mushrooms in butter and herbs), pizza (wood oven of course), ramen (one of the best ones in London), tacos (avocado, lime, pulled meat; you can’t go wrong), barbequed meats (finger licking goodness), jerk, sweet treats, and Vietnamese (which is very healthy street food that still hits the spot). Oh, and wurst and sushi. 

There are a couple of tiny restaurants on offer too- tapas brought to you by Donostia, Hook’s fish and chips, African foods by Zoe’s Kitchen (and yes it is Ghana be tasty) and Kricket who do beautiful Indian food. Literally everything you could possible want to eat. 

Three: The entertainment
If the ‘consumables’ aren’t enough to entertain you there is a diverse list of entertainment- both day and night. As mentioned above, there is a screen showing the rugby world cup, DJ’s and more. 

Also look out for live music, yoga, wine tastings (NZ Cellar), cinema and dance classes. And other things brewing. Keep an eye out on the Pop Britxton webpage or social media for all of the events.

Four: The shopping
There is a handful of fun, quirky shops selling clothes, gift and arty bits and pieces. Have a look around- you may even find yourself some super early Christmas presents.

Five: Coffee
There is caffeine here and it is decent.

Six: Beer
The good stuff (booze) is really good. As you would expect with a pop up, the craft beer is in abundance. Well when in Brixton you may as well drink Brixton. 

I particularly love their Efra Ale which is hoppy and zesty and a little on the deep amber side. Very full flavoured and for a small bonus on the side they it is vegan friendly. If you are looking for something a little lighter their Reliance Pale Ale is beautiful and fresh citrus hoppy and fruity.

Seven: GIN
The gin selection is excellent. There are eight different gins to choose from. All locals. That’s pretty good in my books. I particularly like the Bathtub Gin…

Eight: Wine
Last, but certainly not least, your wine choice here is the best in pop up town. Various bars sell different wine bits and pieces but I would very, very highly recommend visiting the New Zealand Wine Cellar for any of your grapey needs. 

The thing I love about this place is that you can grab a glass of bubbly/white/red from the ever changing ‘by the glass’ wine menu, or, better still, you can grab a bottle from the shop. This means you have three shelves worth of wine to choose from instead of blindly looking at a wine menu. 

Talk to the staff as they are full of NZ wine knowledge and will guide you in the right direction. If you find something you really love you can also buy takeaways.

So, see you all at Pop Brixton. And keep an eye on their social media and website for all up and coming festivities.

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