Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Best Of British Beer: October Case.

Now normally I'll do these pieces in two parts but this time around I wanted to share an experience with you. An experience involving three beautiful beers.

It's safe to say I've not had the best week or so. Not getting jobs I've interviewed for and various things just not going my way. It was after a 12 hour shift that I was just about ready to explode. I stormed in, threw my bag down and slumped down on the sofa ready for a night of disappointing telly and the realisation that it would all start again tomorrow. Until I noticed a familiar box sitting in the corner of the living room. Emblazoned across the side were four words that, when used together, I have come to adore. IT'S BEST OF BRITISH BEER TIME! Another huge thanks has to go to these chaps for providing me with yet another wonderful case to sample.

I needed comfort, so I went for one of the darker beers to wrap me up tight and hold me close. And that's exactly what Lancaster Black did. Having been a fan of Lancaster Brewery for some time now, when the chance for familiarity arose, I pounced. Aromas of chocolate, heavily roasted nuts and a touch liquorice seemed to whisper, 'It'll all be ok'. As flavours of rich red fruit, coffee and pudding spice coated the mouth and caressed me into a warm cuddle as freshness took over on the finish to settle me down. I was at peace with the world once more.

I carried on down the familiar route with Cheddar Ales Hardrock Pale Ale. A familiar brewery and an unfamiliar brew in a familiar style. The perfect blend for a safe adventure. Upon opening, all fear of the unknown was cast aside. A beautifully golden pale ale with all the classic notes of flowers, citrus and spice. The palate had an unusual herbaceous twist which put a huge smile on my face. It seemed to say, 'Hey, the world isn't such a bad place'.

By now I was feeling relaxed and content. But where to go next? I thought about it as I examined the case with two empty slots. Do I stick with the road well travelled, or explore into new depths? I chose the latter and pulled out a Mash Pale Ale. But why I thought? I was comfy and happy. Why would I want to give that up after the week I'd had? Well, I'm glad I went for it. This was a bright and lively beer. Inviting floral aromas tempt you in and then BAM! The palate is packed with honey, citrus and a wonderfully dry finish and screams, 'The world is awesome!'

This is a true testament to the restorative qualities of beer. We know that beer makes us happy, sometimes so happy we laugh. a lot, slur our words and fall over through sheer enjoyment. But sometimes beer has a comforting quality whether it be through intimate knowledge of a brewery, particular flavours that we find safe or just the booze numbing the senses. Whatever it may be, beer makes everything better!

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