Thursday, 10 September 2015

6 Vodka Infusions You Need in Your Life

Photo: Andrew Hyde (CCL)

We're always on the hunt for new ways to incorporate our five-a-day into boozing at Vinspire Towers, that's why we've compiled some A-MAZING vodka infusions for you to try at home.

Great for sipping, mixing and boss-levelling your cocktails. For all of these, get your hands on some kilner jars; great for steeping fruit and herbs in alcohol.

For each infusion, you'll need a bottle of vodka, obviously...

Cucumber Vodka

Awesome in a Martini, or over ice with Elderflower Soda.

1 Cucumber, green skin peeled and cut in to wedges
2 Tablespoons Sugar

Steep the Cucumber in the Vodka for between 3 and 5 days with the sugar and juice from 1 Lime. Turn or stir each day. Double strain back into the vodka bottle. Voila!

Tangerine Vodka

Try it in a Vodka Mule, or add a cup of sugar to make a stronger substitute for Triple Sec?

6 Tangerines

Using a speed peeler, peel off shallow layers of the tangerine skin, being careful not to get too much (if any) of the pith (bitter, white stuff). Steep in the vodka for 10 days, turning or stirring occasionally. Strain back into the vodka bottle.

Pine & Juniper Vodka

When is a gin not a gin? When it's a vodka of course. Fool your friends with this piney, grassy, juniper-y vodka.

Handful of crushed Juniper berries
A large sprig of fresh pine

Steep for up to a month and double strain to remove any bits and bobs.

Strawberry & Basil Vodka

Boss-level your Cosmo with this awesome infusion.

250g strawberries, tops removed and cut into quarters
8 basil leaves

Steep for up to a week, but no longer, to avoid discolouration. Add more or less basil to suit your taste. Also amazing with mint.

Agave & Thyme Vodka

Agave syrup is the nuts, and so much better than any other syrup. Yes, including you, maple.

This one is great in virtually any sort of sparkling wine cocktail. Also amazing with homemade lemonade

1 x 250g Agave Syrup
20g Fresh Thyme sprigs

Ready in just a couple of days this one, and certainly not that 'thyme-consuming' (Ha!), simply remove enough Vodka from the bottle to accommodate the Agave, pop the Thyme in and leave for 2-3 days.

Watermelon Vodka

The reverse of a Vodka Watermelon, you need this for your Watermelon Martini. Because everyone loves Watermelon Martinis.

1/2 Watermelon, rind removed and cut into cubes

Steep for 1 week and strain. Eat the watermelon pieces afterwards. Naughty.

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