Monday, 7 September 2015

Celebrate Organic September with Vintage Roots Wine

Did you know it's Organic September?

For me, it's an important month. I have to admit, I don't buy organic as often as I should (I'm usually restricted by the cost - we have a wedding to save for...) and it does play on my mind every week as I wander down the vegetable aisle.

And yet, of course, I should be considering buying many more types of organic produce than just fruit and vegetables - everything from milk and dairy products to tea, chocolate and of course WINE. It's all better for you, and it's all better for the planet.

We've covered a fair few organic products in the past - Clearspring's organic tea range for one, and Gibson's organic liqueurs were another highlight, as well as various wines - so it's always hugely refreshing to hear of a new range of organic wine.

Vintage Roots

I've recently discovered Vintage Roots - the UK's leading organic wine supplier - and they've developed a range of organic wines called Wild Thing. A massive added bonus about the wine range is that not only is it 100% organic, but also for every bottle sold they make a donation to the incredible wildlife charity The Born Free Foundation. Double the goodness in every sip!

Wild Thing

There's four wines in the Wild Thing range - a red, white, rosé and Prosecco - all sourced either from La Mancha in Spain or Veneto in Italy.

I think this has really helped them keep the range both excellent value and really fresh and easy-drinking. The wines range in price from £7.85 to £9.75 (for the sparkling, of course) - it's really refreshing to see an organic wine range at everyday prices. Now I really don't have any excuses...

The wines

Vintage Roots kindly sent me three bottles to try* - the rosé, the Prosecco and the sauvignon blanc:

Wild Thing Organic Prosecco, £9.75

This was a super midweek treat for The Boy and I. The first thing to mention is the handy resealable bottle lid (not that we needed it, ahem...) which was a nice touch.
Don't worry about the closure not being a traditional sparkling wine closure - it's a frizzante Prosecco, which means it's only lightly sparkling.

This is a super soft, delicate little Prosecco with pleasing lemon and apple flavours and a lovely refreshing character. It's pretty much everything you'd want from a midweek Prosecco - nothing too fancy, but very enjoyable to sip with some good company.

Wild Thing Organic Sauvignon Blanc, £7.85

Next up, a sauvignon blanc from La Mancha in Spain.

I've not had that many Spanish sauvignons, but I know the Spanish really know how to make refreshing, easy-drinking whites, and I wasn't disappointed on that front.

It's less of the in-your-face gooseberry of New Zealand sauvignons and more similar to the crisp, grassy sauvignons on the Loire, with lovely acidity and grapefruit character. We had it with some breaded goats cheese and it was a perfect match!

Not quite as much complexity or depth as a Loire sauvignon, and the non-vintage status isn't something I'd normally choose, but this is nonetheless a nice, easy-drinking white for light, fresh suppers.

Wild Thing Organic Rosé, £7.85

You might have noticed that this is the one wine I didn't get a chance to photograph myself - this is because it disappeared too quickly!

This is one of those wines that reminds me why I should drink more rosé - it's mega-fresh and juicy, with lovely strawberry and cherry flavours, and a pleasing confected character that made it very moreish indeed.

It's made from tempranillo grapes from the La Mancha region, and despite it's fruity abundance, it remains pleasingly dry.

I drank it with a girlfriend over salacious gossip and laughter, and it was just the thing for the occasion.

Softer and rounder than many of the more inexpensive rosés, which in my opinion is what gives this wine its edge, this is the wine I am most likely to buy again - and frequently!

All in all, I'm really glad to have discovered Wild Thing, and I'm really eager to browse more of the Vintage Roots website - they have dozens more ethically friendly wines, beers and spirits to explore! A definite step in the right direction.

*As with all of our samples, we never exchange goods in return for a guaranteed good review, and this review contains nothing but my own true opinion. We only ever write about samples that we genuinely enjoyed and would buy - anything that we don't like either gets a critical review or no review at all.

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