Monday, 7 September 2015

Monday Morning Mugs: Tesco's Brilliant Biscuit Mugs

There's only one thing better than a cup of tea and that's a cup of tea and a biscuit. Or, let's be honest, an entire packet of them, because life is short and I'm hungry.

And if you can throw a biscuit pun into the mix somewhere, my day is pretty much made instantly, so you can probably imagine how happy I am about today's post in my Monday Morning Mugs series.

You see, on a recent trip to Tesco, my glorious friend Sophie (she's the same one who showed me where to buy my own bursting juice balls for bubble tea - you can tell why I hang out with her, can't you...) grabbed my arm and pretty much dragged me down the homeware aisle whilst making some very squeal-y kind of noises.
To her credit, we had both just been to Ikea and discovered the Ikea café serves wine, so our enthusiasm levels were somewhat *heightened* already.

The reason I had been unceremoniously yanked in this direction was because she wanted to show me these Tesco biscuit mugs (a set of four for only £6, I might add!). And they're brilliant, so please let me figuratively drag you down the homeware aisle too so I can show you them with the same level of jubilation.

For a mere £1.50 per mug you get a lot of joy:

There's the 'I'm so jammy' jammy dodger mug (because no one uses the word 'jammy' enough these days)...

...The 'I know how to party' party ring mug (which is even more fun because let's face it, the people who find these mugs amusing probably don't party that much any more, and are actually far more content curled up at home with all of the biscuits and wine and Strictly Come Dancing. That's me, that is.)...

... The 'shake your bourbon' bourbon biscuit mug (because all my biscuit-eating means I have quite a sizeable derriere, and renaming it my bourbon just seems right somehow)....

...and the 'A custard a day keeps the doctor away' custard cream mug (because TRUTH.)

I don't think anything more needs to be said, except YAY BISCUITS. You can tell me more biscuit puns in the comments, if you like.

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  1. Preferred the originals without the silly puns! :(