Wednesday, 16 September 2015

10 Crazy Pretty Thermal Flasks for Autumn

Ah, it's that time of year again isn't it? The weather forecast is set to permanently grey, the leaves are turning, there's that 'back to school' vibe in the air and everyone seems obsessed with hibernating in the warm with hearty stews and Strictly Come Dancing. Basically: perfect thermos flask weather.

Autumn is my favourite time of year for this very reason - I get to go for a long walk through the fallen leaves, all cosy in my new coat, and sit on a bench enjoying a steaming cup of coffee from my new pretty thermos flask.

I wrote about brilliant flasks for under £20 back in 2013, but here's another selection of the very prettiest thermos flask designs I could find:

Let's start with one for ONLY A FIVER. Yes, this 'go and do' flask from Urban Outfitters is on sale, hooray! I love the pink and gold design, and I feel like having this in my cupboard is going to make me get out and about a lot more this Autumn.

I love this French vintage style thermos flask from Not on the High Street. "Thé extraordinaire" indeed. It's £20 from a boutique called Lavender and Sage.

Look, I know the whole 'vintage map print' thing is so 2010, but it doesn't take away from the fact that I LOVE the look of this vintage map flask from Liberty. It's £18.95 and I can think of a fair few blokes in my life that would love this for Christmas.

Hands up who else loves flamingos? YES ME TOO. This flamingos thermos is £19 from Lisa Angel on Not On The High Street.

Time for another bargain! I first found this Cartography Range 'You Are Here' thermos flask on John Lewis for £20, but it's on sale at Berry Red for just a tenner! Don't say I never do anything nice for you.

Back to Lisa Angel at Not On The High Street now for this Daydream tea break flask (£21). I know it won't be to everyone's taste but it's very colourful and very fancy and that's a big win-win for me.

Those who prefer their designs more refined will probably love this V&A Palamos flask from Amara. The yellow lid is just so gorgeous with that design, isn't it? It think it's pretty good value for £18.95.

Okay, I know I love my flowers and kitsch designs but I think this bamboo wooden thermal flask might be my favourite. Look how sleek and sexy it is! I just love it. It's £22 from The Exotic Teapot on Not On The High Street.

You know how much I love a pun, so it's no surprise that this 'hello hotness!' thermos flask by Happy Jackson is making me very happy right now. It's £14.95 from John Lewis.

Lastly, a thermos celebrating the very reason I spend so much time outdoors: our family's lovely dogs! This 'Wilber woof' dog flask is from the very brilliant The Flask Company on Not On The High Street - I love their collection (this camper van flask is another favourite that didn't quite make the list) and they seem to have a flask for every kind of personality. This one is £20.

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