Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Alcoholic Whipped Cream is now a Thing You Can Buy

Well, that's it. My life is complete. Everything else can just get in the sea.

For the beauties at Firebox are now selling boozy whipped cream. Whipped cream infused with vodka. Vodka whipped cream which comes in FIVE AMAZING FLAVOURS.

Let me tell you about the flavours. There's caramel (and vodka), chocolate (and vodka), strawberry (AND VODKA), vanilla (AND VODKA WHICH ALLITERATES) and white chocolate and mint (AND. FRIKKIN'. VODKA).

It's 14% abv so you can legit get tipsy on it and everything.
Now, Firebox have come up with some appealing uses for it, such as squirting it atop hot chocolate and cocktails, using it in puddings, and... well, licking it off body parts.

But let's face it, that was a bloody waste of time on their part, because we are all just going to STAND AT THE FRIDGE AND SQUIRT IT INTO OUR FACES.

Well, actually, I would recommend using it to top this boozy key lime pie milkshake recipe, and it would be lovely with this salted caramel hot chocolate, and you should definitely use it to generously coat this whisky maple French toast.

So anyway, it's £14.99 per tin, and I'm afraid you really will need to buy all five flavours, so that's you *does sums, fails at summing, checks on calculator* £74.95 worse off. But who cares? NOW YOU HAVE FIVE CANS OF BOOZY WHIPPED CREAM.

Sorry I can't stick around to finish this blog, I'm too busy filling up my basket and proceeding to checkout.

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