Thursday, 27 August 2015

Great Apps for Beer, Wine & Cocktail Lovers

Where on earth would we be without iPhones or Androids? The information available to us via our pockets is incredible. We can all be experts at just about anything these days, and if you don't happen to know what the hell your talking about when it comes to wine, cocktails or beer, it just so happens there's an app for that too! Here are some of the best:

Pocket Wine - £2.99 (iOS)

A useful little wine app this. It makes recommendations for food and wine matching, and works both ways - pick a wine and it'll show you descriptions, regions and what to eat with it, or select what you plan to cook and the app will display the appropriate wine matches.

What I love about this app is that it creates profiles for the user based on a series of questions on taste preferences. The app then tells you what styles you might like, and which wines to try. It recommended for me that I like Rich whites like Pinot Blanc, and Fruity reds such as Carignan. It was bang on! You can set up various profiles for friends and families too. It also has a useful glossary of terms, so you no longer need to pretend what a wines 'appellation' is (clue: nothing to do with apples...)

Cocktail Flow - Free 
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

A beautiful looking cocktail app that allows the user to browse cocktails based on cocktail type, base spirit, strength, colour, occasion, season, mood, keywords or whats trending. The range of cocktails is concise, and its easy to navigate around. There's also a great range of non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies. You can even create your own virtual bar with whatever ingredients you have available, and the app will recommend cocktails to try out! Methods are simply and well explained. It's a brilliant tool when you're wondering what to do with that leftover bottle of weird liqueur that you got for Christmas from your Aunt Linda which has been sitting in the cupboard gathering dust for forever.

Vivino Wine Scanner - Free
(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

An absolute must for anyone who goes out and about eating and drinking or buys wine in an off-licence or supermarket. You simply take a picture of the label of the bottle of wine you have bought/are thinking of buying, and the Vivino Wine Scanner will match it to its incredibly massive database of world wines to supply you with reviews, average pricing and food pairings. You can see vintage comparisons and how the wine ranks in its region or country. Whats more is users are encouraged to tag where they found the wine and how much for, then leave a review. Crowd sourced information!

Switch Location Services on and you can also see wines near you in local restaurants, supermarkets and off licences, see how they score and their prices. The app will also provide you with recommendations as it builds up a profile for you.

Untappd - Free (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

This handy little app is a beer-lovers dream. Rate beer and check in at various bars and pubs and leave feedback for others. You can search for a specific beer to see where it is available, find out what bars and beers are near you, and the app will give you recommendations based on your beer scores. You can also see what your friends have been drinking and what they rated it via the nifty Facebook login.

Craft Beer London/ Craft Beer New York £2.29/£0.79 (iOS, Android)

One of the first Craft Beer apps on the market, and still one of the best. Great for when you're visiting the Big Smoke or the Big City, this little ditty lets you see nearby Craft Beer bars, pubs, breweries, shops and restaurants based on your location. It'll even give you directions, tell you what food they serve, if any, what beers are on draught and in bottle etc. It's also got a news sections with some great little editorials, event news and a map.

Beer Pong Tricks - Free (iOS, Android)

A bit more light-hearted, this one. Remember how good you think you are at Beer Pong? Well, truth is nobody is good at Beer Pong - I thought I was bloody marvellous until I realised the object of the game was to get the OTHER person drunk...

Fortunately, there is an incredibly annoying, addictive game which is a bit like Angry Birds for alcoholics. Set your aim for the cup via lots of obstacles, pull back and... FIRE!

No need to log on via Facebook for this one... you're not a douchebag.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself to an App store near you now!

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