Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Central Line Coffee: Best Coffee Shops near Mile End

An avid coffee fanatic, Phoebe is compiling a Coffee Tube Map, by finding the best coffee shops to visit at every stop along the Central Line. This week: Mile End.

When you step out of Mile End station you may not be instilled with much ‘coffee’ confidence. Despite a Costa in eye shot and not much else there is no need to panic: you are just a short 5 minute walk from coffee that will significantly improve your day.

The Mile End/Bow area is slowly but surely becoming a place to get your Melbourne/Auckland standard flat whites with sandwich and snack on the same level.

Here are my favourites:


The Coffee Room
6A Grove Road

A teenie tiny coffee shop with an equally tiny back garden. They use Climpson and Son beans so you’re off to a good start. Every now and again they over heat the milk so just to be on the safe side maybe ask for it not too hot. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

£2.40 for a standard sized Flat white. No wifi but excellent sandwiches.


Zealand Road Coffee
391 Roman Road

This is my pick of Mile End coffee. It’s worth the walk so grab some fresh air and head north of the station. Their milk is always creamy, coffee smooth and nutty roasted, and they have a nice bench to sit on whilst you wait for takeaway. NY subway style tiles and some seats on the pavement to soak up the sun. Good for a simple breakfast!

£2.40 for a standard size flat white. Their avocado and chilli on toast rocks my world.


The Chesterfield
341-343 Roman Rd

The new kid on the block. Not quite a pretty inside as the Zealand Road Coffee shop but they know how to brew a coffee. Very buggie friendly with many leather couches. They use excellent milk and the coffee has a great nutty character.

£2.40 for standard flat white.


The Pavilion
Victoria Park, corner of Old Ford Road and Grove Road

Australian owned coffee mecca. This place has everything you could ask for in a coffee date place: a good breakfast offering, an outdoor area, all the sweet treats, views of a duck filled lake (it’s important alright) and, of course, excellent rich coffee. Sit in or takeaway to a grassy knoll under a tree somewhere.

£2.40 for a standard flat white.

*Walk speed is medium to fast. Dawdlers need to account for an extra 2 minutes on timings.


  1. I used to live in Mile End when I was studying in London & the only coffee shop I knew about was either Costa or the Pavilion in Victoria Park that you mentioned! Gutted because these coffee shops all sound really good!

    L x

    1. Aww Loulabeth! You'll have to pop back and visit some time. ;-) And we're writing about good coffee in lots of other areas of London so if you're still somewhere in the city we might be able to help you find some new places near you! :-D xx