Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday Morning Mugs: Dunk Here

PANIC STATIONS! That pesky Monday morning is back again and trying to piddle all over your post-weekend cornflakes. Assemble your Monday blues rescue kit:

1. Your favourite warm beverage
2. An entire packet of biscuits
3. A bloody brilliant mug that will look great on your desk and listen patiently to all your whiney first world problems without judging you.

Of all my Monday morning mug suggestions, few have been as straightforward as this one:

The cute enamel Dunk Here! mug is practically a license to eat as many damn biscuits as you want. I love it - lots - and have extra affection for it because each and every one is hand-finished and can be personalised to your own tastes.

It's designed by Sophia Victoria Joy - we've featured her mugs before in our Father's Day mug collection - and she seems pretty popular with you all.

So how much is your Monday morning treat going to cost you? 30% less than usual - the mug is currently £10.32 down from £14.75 on Not on the High Street. Winner.

And don't worry - it's 8cm in diameter, so it fits most biscuits. Let's break out the hobnobs.

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