Friday, 19 June 2015

Street Feast's Dinerama in Shoreditch Yard

Anyone who knows me, or follows me on Twitter, will be well aware of my love for London. With it's wealth of top notch bars and restaurants, constant new openings, and an endless stream of events, it really is in a league of it's own.

Unfortunately, living a good two and a half hours away from the Big Smoke, I'm nearly always green with envy with the knowledge I'm missing out on all these exciting things (and Instagram doesn't bloody help). As a result, I try to hop on a coach there at least once a month, purely to entertain my greed of course, and my ultimate 'go-to' - the one that ticks all the boxes - is always Street Feast.

Street Feast is London's nomadic street food circus; it pops up for a few months at a time - namely in the East - and not only serves up a vast range of incredible edibles from the best street food traders around, but also the most noteworthy drinks from those in the industry know-how. Think shit-hot barbecued meats, lobster rolls, tacos, and swanky steamed buns, washed down with the sexiest wines, pint sized cocktails, spritzes, and craft beers. Dreamy, huh?

In recent times, I've scoffed horse kebabs, truffled pizzas, pulled pork naan sliders and tried to battle with the juiciest burgers (Burger - 1, Lucie's Top - nil). I've played whisky roulette, drank sumptuous reds, slurped mahoosive margaritas, dabbled in various cocktails, and had more than my fair share of #Britspritz from Kamm & Sons. Street Feast is the kind of place that makes you laugh because of how ridiculously good it is. 

On Friday, their brand new market, Dinerama, opened up at a former truck depot on Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch. Throughout the summer (right up to October), you can experience it's magic both day and night for four days a week, and with a capacity of 1,000, it's highly likely you'll be able squeeze yourself in.

There are six permanent diners - Smokestak, Breddos, Fundi, Baba G’s, Duck N' Roll and BBQ Lab - each with their own in-built seating areas, then a plethora of other food shacks and food trucks that will change on rotation to keep returning visitors amused. The first weekend (which I went to) saw Bob's Lobster, You Doughnut, Rainbo, Bird Box, Yum Bun amongst others. Yesssss.

It's not just one level though, the Street Feast team have been busy creating the space into a vast food and drink arena! Head on up to the Rum Rooftop and Pavillion Bar, then get yourself acquainted with the Big Bar, Tequila Container, and Baja-Marama Bar too.

Chill out along the picnic benches on the fake grass balcony, shades on, with a gin fuelled cocktail in a stripey cup in hand; perfect... Or, maybe go big with a Zombie cocktail, though you're only allowed 2 per person because they're that potent!... Or just get stuck into some ribs with a cold Frontier Beer...

The choice is yours, and there sure is a lot of it. So what are you waiting for? GO!

Dinerama is open Thursday - Saturday - Noon - Midnight, and Sunday - Noon - 9pm. Free before 7pm, £3 after.

19 Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3EJ

Tube: Old Street or Shoreditch High Street

Alternatively, you can also find Street Feast at Dalston Yard (every Friday and Saturday, 5pm - midnight) and Model Market, Lewisham (every Friday and Saturday, 5pm - 1am).

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