Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What's Your Favourite Rum?

So it's been a while since we've asked your opinion - but we loved hearing all about your favourite gins, whiskies and vodkas. It's all helping us build up the information we need to launch a little Vinspire Drinks Awards later this year.

Then our editor (ahem, me) moved house and got a bit disorganised, but I'm firmly(ish) back on track now and it's time for you to speak up again!

This time, I am ALL OVER hearing about your favourite rums.

It's one of those spirits that doesn't seem to quite have the furore surrounding it that gin or whisky has in this country, and yet it's an integral part of our drinking culture.

From marvellous mojitos to pina coladas, some of our favourite cocktails are rum-based, a certain coconut rum is a staple part of most young ladies' first forays into the world of drinking, and let's not forget all the epic craft rums currently flooding into the country and winning our affection, BIG TIME.

Much as it's an epic flavour for mixing into cocktails, there's really nothing better than sipping and savouring a well-made rum, and we've discussed a fair few on the blog over the past few months. In fact, I was surprised to realise JUST HOW MANY we've discovered:

Vinspire's Rum Discoveries
Photo: Mike McCune (CCL)

There were supermarket specials on The Kraken Dark Spiced Rum, Chairman's Reserve and Mount Gay Eclipse, an epic and memorable flight of El Dorado and Gosling rums, brand new Koko Kanu coconut rum, The Wild Geese which came to us just in time for some hot buttered rum at Christmas, and my personal fave: Don Papa's small-batch rum, made in the Philippines.

There was also the popular, affordable Appleton Estate, tropical Doorly's XO rum, and RL Seale's Barbados rum. There was even Old Salt Rum from the English Spirit Distillery and *that* Ron de Jeremy rum...

And I happen to know for a fact that Sam has never been the same since they changed the recipe for his beloved Captain Morgan's Spiced.

Looking back, our rum finds have been some of our best and most memorable, and we've all discovered new favourites in the two years since we started Vinspire, so I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing what your favourites are.

So let me know in the comments! Did any of the above rums seduce you? Have we missed some absolute blinders? Or do you know of a cheeky supermarket label rum that's outliving its expectations? Comment below or head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages to let us know!


  1. My favourites are:
    White : St Nicholas Abbey - Will restore your faith in white rum with hints of marshmallow!
    Gold : Old Grog - Will give you the best (rum) Old Fashioned you've ever had.
    Spiced : Barbossa Spiced Gold - Very strong vanilla flavour, but also very mild overall. Best of all (or worst if you live in the UK which I do!) you can get it for about €6 a bottle from the continent (discovered it in Vienna)!

    I must say I have to give props to Bacardi for Oakheart, which I think is a very good spiced rum too and obviously it's a great price compared to most. Speaking of Bacardi have you seen their new rums? Carta Fuego and Carta Negra? I've got them but have yet to try them so I'll let you know! ;)

  2. Hi Adam,

    Ooh, I've never even heard of St Nicholas Abbey - I'm going to seek that out right now! And you've made me want a trip to Vienna too, hehe.

    I haven't tried Bacardi's new rums, no - please do let us know!! I have heard great things about some of their more premium/specialist labels so it will be interesting to hear how these two are. :-D