Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday Morning Mugs: Oakdene Designs

Ah, Monday, you bitch.

If you're relishing your first cups of tea or coffee, and looking grimly to another 5 days before weekend/wine, then my Monday Morning Mugs series is definitely for you!

I always just try to find some silly, funny or heartwarming mugs for us to giggle at - I've bought quite a few of them now and drinking from them never fails to cheer me up. :-)

This week, I've found the wonderful Oakdene Designs on Not on the High Street.

It's a team of over 20 young designers in Surrey, and they've won lots of awards already, which isn't surprising when you have a look at the huge range of wonderful, unique designs in their shop (there's over 600!)

Here are my picks of their mug designs:

Hot damn, this is my jam! Oh, this is wonderful. The perfect breakfast mug. It's £11.50.

"You had me at woof." The perfect dog lover's mug - I can think of quite a few people who would sip out of this with pride. It's £11.50 too.

On a similar vein, this "Pugs and kisses" mug (£11.50) would have quite a few of my pug-mad friends squealing with joy.

More of a cat lover? This "And I'm feline good" cat mug (£11.50) was the first one to catch my eye. The only downside (?) is that you'll have the epic Nina Simone big-band DUN, DUN DUN, DUN DUNNNN, etc going through your head for hours afterwards.

Or you could settle for this sassy AND cat-loving "Check meowt" mug (£11.50). I just love the cat's cheeky little face! Ahem, revealing my inner cat lady there...

Lastly, if you're feeling super hawt and full of swag then the 'I woke up like this' mug will be a pretty fine way of telling the world how mighty you are. It's £11.50.

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