Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Gifts for Cocktail Lovers: Get Your Own Tailor-Made Cocktail Created!

We've featured cocktails and amazing hand-painted glassware from Toasted Glass more times than perhaps any other brand or company! Owner Monique never fails to delight us - and, apparently, you guys too.

Well now she's upped her game yet again: she's started creating bespoke cocktails as gifts!

Imagine it: your cocktail-mad girlfriend/pal/relative already has all the glassware, ingredients and gadgets they need, so for their next birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day present you get them their very own, unique cocktail!

It's tailored to their every wish: Monique has created a detailed (but simple to fill out) survey for you to complete asking all sorts of questions about the recipient's personality, lifestyle, drinking habits and taste preferences.

You don't then just get a recipe sent to you - oh, no.

As well as the recipe and full instructions, Monique sends a handwritten letter explaining how she came up with the cocktail for the intended recipient, PLUS she sends a gorgeous miniature bottle, hand-painted with a design that reflects your recipient's personality, containing a sample of the cocktail.
(No perishable ingredients, though, so you'll need to add things like fruit juice once it arrives.)

All of this costs just £60! For a once-in-a-lifetime, full unique and incredibly special gift, I think that's a steal. She's done it again, that Monique!

Now who's going to buy me one? Seriously, though, if you're interested, order your own bespoke cocktail here.

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