Monday, 13 April 2015

Monday Morning Mug: Oh Fiddle Sticks

Somehow, it's Monday. AGAIN. And for a lot of you, it's back to school week for the kids (or you poor teachers) after a blissful Easter break. And we've got to wait until 4th May for the next long weekend. Woe!

The eager readers among you may have noticed that last week we only managed to post once, instead of our usual 5 or 6 times. It was one of THOSE weeks, where everything sort of slowly collapsed like a flan in a cupboard (as Eddie Izzard would say), and we all got a bit sweary and stabby.

Well, in case we have another week like that any time soon, I've found the perfect mug. I wish I'd had it last Monday:

An 'Oh Fiddle Sticks' mug! I can't think of anything more delightfully British - it's the perfect reaction, no matter how bad the misfortune.

This little beauty is from designer Georgie Parker, who brilliantly captivates the British quaintness and our sporting spirit in a range of mugs - she also does a 'sticky wicket' mug and a 'toodle pip' mug! <3 I can think of many people who would love one of the mugs from this range.

On the back of the 'oh fiddle sticks' mug is some hockey players, in case you're interested.

Anyway, it's £10.99 from Wow Thank You, a really cool website that sells various products from UK designers and artisans. I'm off to buy one RIGHT NOW.

Let's hope for an awesome week for all of us!

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