Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Gifts: Chocolatey Alcohol

Easter is almost upon us (and so is that 4 day weekend, WOOP), and the supermarkets once again have dedicated aisle-upon-aisle of premier merchandising space to hollow chocolate eggs with expensive, hard-to-recycle packaging and somehow manage to justify charging you five times the price you normally pay for the same amount of chocolate the rest of the year, 'coz it's egg-shaped'. 

Well, dear readers. I have the perfect alternative for the drinks and chocolate lovers in your life. Chocolatey, alcoholic, drinkable Easter gifts! Here's a round up of some of the best out there!

Major Cioccowhisky Liqueur

Probably my favourite on name alone is this Italian crafted chocolate liqueur made with a whisky base. An impressive dark brown colour, it's like drinking melted chocolate liqueurs, but with a hefty kick up the backside. Available from Firebox for £19.99

La Maison Fontaine Chocolat

This one's really interesting, and I tried it a year or so ago in a cocktail bar in Manchester. Again, a Chocolate Liqueur, but from an old French distillery recipe with Absinthe botanicals.

It really works, isn't too sweet, but borrows its taste and aroma from creme de cacao and absinthe - a deadly mix - anise, chocolate & candied fennel...

Awarded 'Outstanding' at the 2013 International Liqueur Awards. Try it in a Mocha Martini, and get a bottle for the cabinet from The Whisky Exchange for £30.25.

Bols White Cacao Foam Liqueur

One for the cocktail geeks! Attach the pump in the box to the bottle of Bols, and BOOM, alcoholic chocolate foam. What more could you ask for? Except maybe a Chocolate bubble bath?

Get it from The Whisky Exchange for £10.95

Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

My god this stuff is naughty. I vaguely remember someone handing me a wine glass of it on Christmas Day and I downed the stuff like milkshake.

Simply chocolatey, creamy goodness, with a little tiny warmth at the end to remind you to slow down and sip. Perfect chilled, or over a few cubes of ice.

Unlike its egg shaped counterparts, you won't find this stuff available in Thorntons as their retail stores don't have an off-trade alcohol licence, but you can grab a bottle at all the big supermarkets, although it's only £10 at Tesco until mid-April! Get your Clubcard out...

Baileys Chocolate Luxe

Built on the success of the global Irish Cream brand, the Chocolate Luxe gives the Thorntons Liqueur a run for its money, but wins on its good looks and slender bottle.

Again Irish whiskey based, this stuff is great added to a hot chocolate, or over ice cream.

A bit more expensive at £15 for 500ml from Waitrose or Asda.

Have a great Easter, and enjoy the 4 days off!

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