Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Best Boozy Pranks of April Fools Day 2015

Image taken from Master of Malt's hilarious April Fools blog

Ha, gotcha! Of course there's not going to be a tea flavoured coffee from Beanies. We sure had fun trying to convince you there was, though.

In fact, this whole morning has been pretty amusing, with some of the big booze brands and shops coming up with magnificent tall tales to celebrate this daft April Fools tradition of ours.

Some of the April Fools pranks were better than others - here's a list of some of the best boozy April Fools jokes of 2015:

1. Master of Malt closing down due to mischievous owls - and offers free shipping until midday to clear their stock.

Undoubtedly the winner of the day, this was a rare April Fools prank that did more than amuse - it actually offered a generous free delivery to its many fans. And the story behind their closure offered many a LOL, particularly their closing line: "By this time tomorrow, we’ll be gone, will simply redirect to one of the online bingo sites they advertise on daytime TV."

2. Brains Craft Brewery Finds Natural Ale Spring

One of those April Fools pranks you wish were actually true. Particularly liked the part anticipating "literally 10s of beers fans" will scour the area trying to find the spring.

3. Zubrowka vodka launches bison grass straws

Our review of Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka explains exactly why we love the stuff, and this bit of silliness brightened our morning.

4. Pioneering French winery fits mini cameras to bees - Harpers

The revolutionary technology is called i-Swarm and has also helped winemakers get glimpses into their neighbours' bedrooms.

5. No more peaty whisky from Islay - The Whisky Exchange

Using super-fun diagrams and scientific explanations to illustrate the impending whisky 'crisis', it's clear the guys had a LOT of fun with this one. 10/10 for effort!

6. Ales by Mail introduces 'Cottle' - the can/bottle hybrid

Very silly indeed - top marks for coming up with the 'prototype' picture.

7. Kanye launches his own Champagne to rival Jay-Z

Apparently, it's going to be called Yeezus Juice.

8. The Wine Society teams up with The Royal Albert Hall to offer members a wine tap in their arm-rest so they can drink during the show

I have so much love for this prank. Not only does it utilise the fun fact that The Wine Society started out by storing its wines at the Albert Hall back in 1874, but they go to great lengths to match various wines to different parts of the performance, including Israel's Clos du Gat to accompany Jerusalem, and the Languedoc's "La Clape" to enjoy "during long rounds of applause". Bravo, Wine Society, you've done it again.

Were you fooled by anything this year? Which boozy pranks did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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