Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Drinks Delivered: The Craft Gin Club

Image from the Craft Gin Club site

It's fair to say the gin renaissance is in full swing and finally we are starting to see some of the big names of the craft scene poking their juniper soaked heads on to supermarket shelves. For a while we've had Sipsmith pretty widely accessible and more recently the likes of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth and The Lakes Distillery lining the shelves at your local Majestic.

While these are all fantastic producers, this barely scratches the surface of what the artisanal world holds. What's more is that they can be a little difficult to get hold of, and if you're unsure what you need to be looking for, then it's a real minefield.

Luckily, that's where the folks over The Craft Gin Club come in. That's right, we've found quite possibly one of the best subscription services we've ever come across at Vinspire!

So what's involved? 

Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, gin.
But not just any gin. Every month The Craft Gin Club will champion a new producer and send a full bottle - yes, a full bottle - out to subscribers. Previous offerings have included, Burleigh's London Dry Gin and Vinspire favourite Warner Edwards!

On top of this, subscribers will get a copy of Ginned! magazine, a 32 page publication dedicated to the producer of the month including the history of the distillery, gin features, cocktail recipes, tasting notes and everything you need to get the most from your monthly bottle.

They even go as far as to what garnish you should be drinking with - and do so with quite spectacular style. Vinspire recently explored alternative gin garnishes ourselves - but The Craft Gin Club went as far as asking all the gin producers they could find what their gin's signature garnish should be. Check out the full list in their amazing Garnish Guide.

What's more, subscribers get exclusive discounts and the chance to feedback directly to the producers. If our experience is anything to go by, gin producers are a brilliant bunch to interact with.

The cost for these monthly pleasures is just £40 a month. This is all includes delivery directly to your door. And if you find the bottles piling up or are going to be away for a month, you can simply suspend your membership at any time and restart when it suits you. You'll only be charged for the bottles you receive. Hooray!

I don't know about you, but I'm off to sign up!

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