Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Make Your Voice Heard! What's Your Ultimate Vodka Brand?

Robynlou Kavanagh
I've been thinking a lot about vodka ever since Monday's post on Old Vodka, the brand new Hertfordshire vodka based on a 200-year-old Georgian recipe.

Although there doesn't seem to be quite the same ardent passion around vodka in the UK as there is around gin, the truly good stuff is still celebrated, and we've enjoyed finding a few super examples ourselves over the past two years.

Some of our best finds have been:

Black Cow vodka's creamy, unique flavour
The authentic Grasovka Bison Grass Vodka
The off-the-beaten-track Akvinta vodka

And let's not get me started on some of vodka's biggest names, like Grey Goose, Chase, Russian Standard, Ketel One, Belvedere, Vestal... the list really is endless.

We've already asked you for your favourite gins and your favourite whiskies - but now I want to know your ultimate vodka brands and labels.

We all have one (at least!) and it's time we spoke about the truly great ones, and split the legends from the wannabes.
Whether you like your vodka on the rocks, as an essential cocktail mixing tool or straight from the freezer, we want to know the vodka you go to again and again - the one you always want a bottle of in your cupboard.

All your suggestions will be used to help us make our shortlist decisions for the Vinspire Drink Awards coming up later in the year, so make your voice heard! Leave a comment on this blog or on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Looking forward to hearing from you  - and please share this post with your vodka loving friends!


  1. Gin is definitely my thing, but I do love everything that the Chase Distillery produce; their smoked vodka is like the bastard love child of a peaty malt and an Arbroath Smokie - has to be tasted to be believed and the Marmalade Vodka never lasts more than a week or two in our house!

  2. Ooh, I've not tried the smoked vodka! That sounds A-MA-ZING! I do love their rhubarb and elderflower liqueurs so I'll have to give this a try! :-D