Monday, 2 February 2015

Drinking Gadgets: The Vinnebago

How many times have you been somewhere that's BYOB only to be told that they don't allow glass bottles on site? I've been to numerous festivals, outdoor concerts and picnics where glass containers aren't allowed.

Unfortunately, in my youth, I had to do the classic 'downing everything at the security gate' too many times to count. And that's no fun for anyone.

Sure, you can transfer your drink of choice into a plastic bottle, but as soon as it catches sight of the sun it's going to be warmer than Eastbourne in August which is no good, especially if it's a nice crisp white wine in there. It will also taste a bit like plastic bottle...

Enter the Vinnebago. From the people who brought you the Corkcicle (and we all know how amazing that revelation was) comes this handy little flask that's perfect for trips out.

Whether it's camping, going to the beach or an impromptu picnic, it's perfect for taking a bottle with you without having to drag a massive cooler.

So what makes it so great? They sent me one to see if it lives up to the hype.

Well, it's sleek and looks pretty good for one thing. Secondly, it holds 750ml, which I'm sure you'll all know is the size of a standard bottle of wine...

It's insulated which will keep whatever liquid at the temperature you poured it in at. It can keep cold drinks cold for up to 25 hours and maintain hot drinks for 12 hours (and it really does, we've checked.)

What's more (and probably the best bit about it in my eyes) is that it doesn't leave any nasty metallic taste, just exactly the same stuff you started out with. And there's no annoying condensation on the outside of the bottle making everything else all moist.

Last but not least, it can fit nearly anywhere, so wherever you go, it can go with you.

I used it with my significant other while having a winter stroll around the countryside and it certainly held it's own amongst the low temperatures and freezing wind. A nice coffee halfway through went down a treat.

To recap, I basically love this thing and will the first thing on the packing list when I next venture out into the wild.

The Vinnebago is available from Firebox for £29.99.

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