Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Valentine's Day: Say it with a... Mug? [And a GIVEAWAY!]

I must admit, I'm not really one for big, cliched romantic gestures, on 14th February or any other time of the year. Giant bouquets sent to my work, boxes of chocolates the size of a small country, teddy bears holding incredibly punchable love hearts... I'll pass.

For me, it's all about the little things. A little Malteser bunny because they're my favourite chocolate, the latest book by my favourite author... that's much more my kind of Valentine's Day gift. It's not the size of the gesture, it's the meaning behind it.

Frequent readers of this blog will know I really like daft mugs. I use them every day, and they cheer me right up.  In fact, a mug would be the ideal Valentine's Day present: it would make me think of the person who bought them for me every time I pour myself a comforting cuppa. (Ahem, I hope my fiance is reading this...)

Here are eleven brilliant Valentine's Day mugs, including a pair of his 'n hers mugs you can win!

1. The 'I Fucking Love You' mug, £7.99 at Firebox

Blunt, but at least you'll both know where you stand.

2. Horny dinosaurs mug, £9.95 at Not On The High Street

*sniggers* Especially good for immature Valentines.

3. Gary Birks 'I'm So Damn Lovely' mug, £12.50 at Selfridges

Because then your love will be reminded of this fact even when you're not there to tell them.

4. 'You Are My Favourite' mug, £12.75 at Not On The High Street

The 'I Love Your Face' mug by the same designer (Supercaliprint) is also a total winner.

5. Love birds latte mug, £10.50 at Toasted Glass

Handpainted with love by one of our regular favourite shops on the blog. I've wanted one of these since last year!

6. 'You are my perfect spooning partner' mug, £9.95 at Not On The High Street

PUN MUG! A winner on more than one level.

7. Emma Bridgewater pink hearts mug, £13.50 at John Lewis

A classic - and a sweet last-minute gift for those forgetful types (you can get it to your nearest Click and Collect point the next day...)

8. Personalised 'I love you more than' travel mug, £15 from Not on the High Street

Remind them how fit they are even when they're out and about. You don't have to have the Starbucks line in the picture... but it is brilliant.

9. Mr Darcy's proposal quote mug, £18 from Mr Teacup on Etsy

I told you about Mr Teacup last year and I still LOVE checking back to see what new mugs this little shop comes up with.

These Mr Darcy/Jane Austen mugs have been around for yonks, but come on, who's more romantic than Colin Firth ahem, Mr. Darcy?

10. 'You're my lobster' mug, £14 from Not On The High Street

Everyone remembers this clip from Friends, right? HE'S HER LOBSTER!


Name badge makers Simoney have offered us this kooky pair of 'skeletons in love' his and hers mugs to give away!

To enter, simply comment underneath this post telling us what your ideal Valentine's Day date would be, OR leave a comment on our Facebook post OR retweet our giveaway tweet.

UK entrants only please! We'll pick a winner at random after the giveaway closes at midnight Saturday 7th February and email them to let them know they've won. If the winner doesn't respond within 48 hours we'll pick another winner (sorry!) Any questions, please email us

Which of these mugs makes you feel all soppy and romantic? Have I missed any other good ones? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


  1. Kids fast asleep for the night, beer chilling, red wine warming, takeaway ordered and the play button on the DVD player waiting to be pressed.

  2. A nice meal out with my husband!


  3. At the moment with a 1 yesr old toddler who sleeps in our room (we have a one bedroom flat), it would be a night away with Hubby and even then we'll only sleep!

  4. Dinner and a movie is a great Valentine's date night.
    heather hgtempaddy@hotmail.com

  5. Having a snuggle on the sofa, with a movie and a takeaway with the little one snoring happily in his room x

  6. Just a night together with my wife and a tasty dinner to share!

  7. A lovely home cooked meal (not cooked by me) & a good film with chocolates & red roses xxx

  8. A lovely home cooked meal (not cooked by me) & a good film with chocolates & red roses xxx

  9. A takeaway and netflix marathon with my better half would be perfect

  10. Charlotte Ingham6 February 2015 at 21:01

    Something fun like a day at a themepark


  11. my perfect valentine night would be someone to baby sit my little boy overnight and me and my oh to get a pizza and snacks watch a film in bed, spoon and sleep - bliss

  12. A candlit walk along the beach with Brad Pitt....

  13. A night in a posh hotel with the hubs and no kids, bliss!