Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wine Wednesday: 5 Fairtrade Wines to Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight!

Did you know it's Fairtrade Fortnight? It bloomin' well is - and there's never been a more perfect time to buy a bottle of Fairtrade wine while doing your weekly shop.

Fairtrade wine is so, so important. 
As well as making sure workers and farmers receive fair pay, it also helps to fund community projects that provide valuable assistance with healthcare, education and living conditions.

We're so lucky to have these things it's hard to imagine life without them! But your weekly bottle or two of wine can have a real impact in making sure more people get them.

"Oh, but I bet it's way more expensive!" 
NOPE. You can get a bottle for little more than a fiver, and in fact most of the everyday Fairtrade wines in the supermarkets are £8 or less. And they're tasty!

You can read more about Fairtrade wine on the Fairtrade Foundation website.
But now let's get talking about where you can find delicious Fairtrade wine!

1. Taste the Difference Morador Fairtrade Malbec, currently £7 (usually £8) at Sainsburys

I had this last night, and it's rich, full-bodied and packed with concentrated cherry and blackberry flavours. Smooth with a decent lick of spice, it was a lovely and warming, and really went well with our flavoursome pasta dinner.

2. Waitrose Fairtrade South African Chenin Blanc, currently £5.49 (usually £6.99) at Waitrose

For this price, wine snobs will probably turn up their noses, but they'd be missing out on a perfect midweek bottle of refreshing, food-friendly wine. The lemony, lime and apple-driven flavours are very sippable, especially with lighter meals like chicken salad or asian salmon dishes.

3. Fairtrade Six Hats Rose, £6 per bottle at Marks and Spencer

As the good weather starts to arrive, this is a gem to have in your wine rack, and like the Chenin Blanc above it pairs well with light salads and lightly spicy dishes.

It's full of strawberry notes and is gloriously refreshing. I might even sip it in the garden - although I'll probably still need a coat on for a few weeks yet...

4. Extra Special Fairtrade Pinotage, currently £5 (usually £7) at ASDA

This really isn't just a 'fiver' wine. Deliciously spice is balanced well with juicy berry flavours, making this a decent barbecue wine, but it would also be nice with a hearty tagine.

5. Peacock Tail Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc, £7.99 at Marks and Spencer

Exactly what you'd expect from a good sauvignon blanc - vibrant acidity, zesty lime and grassy herbs. Apparently it's made from 25 year old vines, which probably explains the great complexity, and makes it worth spending a tiny bit more.

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