Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cupboard Gin Cocktails

The classic Gin & Tonic is hard to beat in my books. Loads of ice, a squeeze of lime, double Gin topped to the top with a decent Tonic Water. Simple, tasty, refreshing and guilt-free. But Gin is SO much more versatile than we give it credit for, and SO easy to mix at home, with the stuff sitting in your cupboards and fridge, without investing in loads of cocktail ingredients. Here's a few ideas to up your Gin game!

Gin & San Pellegrino

Remember those lovely little cans of sparkling San Pellegrino? The Aranciata (Blood Orange) and the Limonata (Lemonade) that you pay like £3 for in Italian restaurants? Well, they also do a lovely Sparkling Pompelmo (Grapefruit) and Chinotto (Bitter Orange) that work brilliantly with Gin. Perhaps better suited for warmer days and BBQ's, these wonderful little cans of love are available from Waitrose and create a refreshing cocktail in seconds.

Gin Rickey

Great for anyone counting those pesky calories, the Gin Rickey is a close cousin of the G&T, simply substituting the Tonic for Sparkling Water and a generous helping of Fresh Lime (I'd go for the juice of half a lime per glass). There you go, a January Gin fix! Heartburn central.

Gin Toddy

Ideal for these bitter January evenings is a spin on the Whisky-based 'Hot Toddy'. There are two different routes you can choose, one uses a Fruit Tea, and the other uses heated Cranberry Juice. Add a few sprigs of fresh Mint, a large Gin and a wedge of Lemon. What's that The Libertines once sang, 'Gin in Teacups'...

Bees Knees

Dating back to the prohibition era, this simple little cocktail needn't be made with Gin from your bathtub. Instead, we'd recommend something like Sipsmiths, or, if you want to be really true to the style, go for Professor Cornelius' Bathtub Gin. Close enough. Simply shake the Gin with some Lemon Juice, Honey, Ice and Strain. Perfect anytime.

Rhubarb Sparkler

The guys over at Cawston Press do some lovely juices, and they're available in most supermarkets at a very reasonable price. This one calls for their wonderful Apple & Rhubarb juice, mixed with as much Gin as you can handle, and spritzed with a splash or two of Soda. Get one of your five a day... and that all important Gin fix.

There we go. Five hassle-free Gin cocktails for you to enjoy year round! You're welcome.

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