Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Whisky Advent Day 8: Dalmore 15yr

Dispensing with all pleasantries today's dram from my calendar is the Dalmore 15yr.

I have had the 15 from Dalmore before and some of their other offerings, but have never reviewed one for Vinspire. I am a big fan of the bottles, they have a large stag head and as everyone knows stag heads are the bee's knees right now, but am not hugely into some of the ridiculously expensive whiskies that they bring out having one that costs over £100,000.

On the nose there is loads of orange, some lemon, raisins, sweet spice, chocolate, caramel, meringue, a little bit of soap and perfume. The nose is very warm and clean, quite refreshing and light in comparison to most Highland malts

On the palate this builds up slowly, with sweet orange and brown sugar, spice and pepper then builds with dark chocolate, cinnamon, cloves and a little star anise. The body is really quite light and thin but makes sense with a 40% dram, however, the finish is not bad at all.

Overall this is a nice dram, but honestly isn't as good as you would expect from a 15 year old, part of the issue probably stems from the light alcohol, this is nice, but it seems as though it could have been so much more.

Dalmore 15 is available at Master of Malt for £49.84

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