Saturday, 6 December 2014

Whisky Advent Day 5: Bowmore 12yr

I'm beginning to feel as though I've never tasted whisky before as I come in on Friday to try yet another whisky I haven't had before, this time one that is fairly mainstream and from my favourite Island...

Bowmore are the only Islay distillery I have never tried anything from, but as I am a self-aware Peat monster I am sure that I will love it. Bowmore derives its name from the town of Bowmore, the capital of Islay and is the second most popular whisky on Islay with only Laphroaig selling more bottles.

On the nose the first notes to arrive are a warming peat of smoke fire and sea spray mixed with caramel and brown sugar. There is lemon and citrus fruit mixed in with some apple, cinnamon and clove. The nose is very nice, classic Islay and very approachable.

On the palate the whisky is viscous and oily with pepper and peat smoke, for a 12yr 40% single malt this sure does pack some punch. Mixed with the intense peat smoke is honey, candied fruit, vanilla with just a touch of salt. Now this isn't the brashest Islay I've had, but for a 40% entry level dram I am really impressed and think this would make an excellent value everyday Islay whisky.

Bowmore 12yr is available at Master of Malt for £29.95

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