Thursday, 4 December 2014

Whisky Advent Day 3: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003

This Advent Calendar is going fantastically well, three days in so far and nothing I've had before! Day 3 is a bourbon day and after a long day at work this is just the ticket.

Evan Williams are a top quality Kentucky bourbon producer and with all the fervour for Yamazaki at the moment, hold it for a second as their Single Barrel has been named whiskey of the year a whopping 5 times! It is aged 10 or more years and bottled at 86 proof (43.3% in real money). This is sure to be bigger and bolder with more sweetness than the whiskies of Days 1 and 2.

The nose isn't aggressive, but soft and mellow, but certainly pronounced, there is warm honey, toffee with cinnamon and orange with a whole heap of oak and vanilla laid on top. Alongside that there is a raisin and dried fruit quality with some more herbal notes. The nose is wonderfully round and warm and whilst there isn't a huge wealth of complexity that will reward hours of nosing, the nose almost seems physically deep, it's hard to explain...

On the palate it is most certainly sweet with ora
nge and citrus starting off strong, but sweet spices, pepper and oak quickly take over the show. There are dried fruits and honey with more vanilla and dried fruits. There is no real harshness to the spirit and the finish lasts well. This is a very pleasant and dangerously easy drinking whiskey where you could go through a few glasses without noticing or minding too much.

The Evan Williams Single Barrel is certainly an approachable whiskey, it is wonderfully sweet and full bodied and to add to that is by no means expensive, the 2004 "vintage" can now be bought from Master of Malt for £34.95.

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