Sunday, 14 December 2014

Whisky Advent Day 13: Paul John Edited

It's the weekend and I have another whisky of seemingly bizarre origins.

Paul John is an Indian distillery, yep, Indian. Edited is a vatting of Indian and peated Scottish barley with the scot making up 15% of the final whisky before maturation in bourbon casks and being eventually bottled at 46%. I think this might be interesting...

On the nose there is cooked fruits, raisins, orange,honey, lemon and a slight confected pineapple note. Underlying these is a very light smoke character, but the peat doesn't come through all that heavily.

On the palate it is quite sweet with honey and dark sugar and some sweet spices before a big pepper kick hits. On the finish the sweetness returns while the pepper disappears to be replaced with honey, vanilla, coffee and some dark chocolate.

This is a very good whisky overall, it is very well made and you wouldn't guess for a moment that this wasn't Scottish. A very agreeable dram that whilst I wouldn't drink it all the time makes a nice change and would make a great gift as something out of the ordinary.

Paul John Edited can be bought from Master of Malt for £42.34

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