Thursday, 11 December 2014

Whisky Advent Day 11: Glenfiddich 18

So the end of the week is nearly here and today brings a lovely little dram sized bottle of Glenfiddich 18.

Honestly this isn't a distillery that has ever really excited me, the product is fine, the whiskies I've had before haven't been offensive in any way, but a little middle of the road, mass produced and bland. However, I am more than happy to give this a go as it is a relatively cheap 18yr whisky in a fairly classic blend of sherry and bourbon aged whiskies, but that being said I don't feel that one of the flagship bottles in the range should be at 40%, it seems to say something about the target market and the product within...

On the nose this is very fruity with bright and fresh citrus fruits mixed with tropical notes. On top of these are dark sugar and caramel, perhaps the slightest bit of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and oak. The nose is fine, it's pretty nice, very sweet, however it isn't particularly distinctive or complex.

On the palate again the sweetness is there, it is very soft, but a little thin. The palate is dominated by dried fruit with vanilla and spice, however, the flavours are generic and not very defined, there is no real development and whilst the finish is fairly long it is more in a warm alcoholic caramel vein.

Overall I found this fine and easily drinkable, but not at all interesting or memorable to be honest and don't think it offers much for the £56.83 price tag.

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