Monday, 8 December 2014

The Best Festive Christmas Glassware

If you're anything like my Ma (and now my sister and I) you'll be getting pretty giddy about Christmas by now. My Ma even puts a Christmas tree in the downstairs toilet (yeah, we're those kind of people) and we have Christmas-themed everything: loo roll, tea towels, coasters, the lot.

We also have an ever-expanding collection of festive glassware and amazing Christmas mugs. We inevitably add to it each year, and there's nothing quite like spending the festive season sipping hot chocolate, mulled wine and basically ALL OF THE BOOZE out of increasingly Christmassy glasses.

If you're looking to make your kitchen and dining table even jollier, here's my roundup of the best Christmas glassware and mugs and where to find them:

George Red Bird Mulled Wine Glass, £2 at ASDA

TWO QUID! And it's such a pretty design. I'd sip hot chocolate and coffee out of these too.

Tartan mug, £3 at Matalan

Perfect for a subtle wintry touch. I'd like to curl up on the sofa sipping tea out of one of these on Boxing Day morning when I'm watching Doctor Who with a Christmas hangover.

Christmas bauble glasses, £4.99 from Menkind

They look like decorations, but you drink booze out of them. I love them so much.

Christmas pudding teapot, £10 at ASDA

Full-on Christmas silliness. I honestly don't think I can resist.

Snowflake coaster, £5 for 4 at Marks and Spencer

Very red, but very cute.

2 Christmas stacker mugs, £9.50 at Marks and Spencer

I think M&S win the 'tasteful but Christmassy mugs' competition this year. These have more than a whiff of Rob Ryan about them but are very reasonably priced in comparison...

George Snowflake Wine Glasses, £5 for 2 at ASDA

A subtle festive flourish at your Christmas dinner table.

Linea Frosty Xmas Shaker Tumbler, now £3.50 (was £7) at House of Fraser

Perfect for big and little kids alike - if you shake these tumblers, snow falls down the sides!

Linea Scandi Bird Highball set of 4, now £17.50 (was 35) at House of Fraser

So, so pretty. And a very appealing price now they're on offer... (especially for such a 'trendy' design.)

Red wine glasses, £25 for 4 at Marks and Spencer

For a subtle touch of festivity - and these can obviously be used all year round as well! Bonus.

Sagaform Mulled Wine Pot Warmer and Holder, £35 at John Lewis

We gave one of these away last year and it was one of the most popular competitions we've done, so I'm really glad to see this back again.

Four shimmer Champagne saucers, £24 for 4 at Next

How could you drink your Christmas bubbles out of anything else? They also do wine glasses in the same design.

Christmas drinking jars, £13 from Toasted Glass

My fave Toasted Glass has done it yet again - a perfect Christmas cocktail jar! She also does these stunning snowflake wine glasses for £14 each that I am completely in love with.

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