Saturday, 20 December 2014

Stella Artois Release Details of Christmas Ad Campaign

This is a sponsored post - but well worth reading purely for the utterly gorgeous video at the end!

The story of the Stella Artois’ creation is intimately woven with the festive season.

Originally given as a gift to the people of Leuven in Belgium, Stella Artois is now a drink that is known throughout the world.

Because they are so fond of Christmas, the famous beer brand likes to go all out at this time of year.

The 2014 Christmas campaign, “Give beautifully”, is focused on the idea of finding the perfect gifts for those we love.

A series of short films seeded on Stella Artois’s social media channels throughout the festive period will feature happy recipients being given special Christmas gifts whilst emphasising the importance of drinking responsibly at Christmas.

Stella Artois drinks packaging will also be given a dose of the festivities with limited edition bottles and cans being produced.

The 440ml and 568ml cans will be available in a Christmas design as will the 330ml and 284ml bottles.

Customers will be able to bulk buy these products in basket packs.

In selected stores, customers will also be able to purchase a limited edition 75cl bottle of Stella Artois that has been specially designed for the festive period.

Watch one of the Stella Artois “Give Beautifully” stories below:

The story features, Maeve, a young woman who moved from Dublin to London but was forced to leave behind her beloved piano in the process. A passionate pianist, Maeve hasn’t played since.

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