Monday, 15 December 2014

Gifts for Gin Fans 2014

Last year's gin gift guide has been our most-read post of this year by quite some margin - you guys clearly love your mother's ruin - so I thought it only fair that I do another rundown of perfect presents for gin lovers.

I mean, we've already written about a whole host of amazing gins this year, some of which are brand spanking new. And you all went bananas when Lucienne told you about the incredible 4Gin gin tasting kit. But there's more out there:

Pretty gin prints

Yes, there is such a thing as a gin Christmas card. It's £2.50 from Not on the High Street.

I really want to hang this 'Given enough gin, I could rule the world' print (£14.50) in my office to remind me always to be as fearless as I am after a couple of gins. I'm sure I'd get much more done.

This 'gin is just like time' print would be perfect in my new place (hint hint). It's £18.

I bloody love gin. So why wouldn't I want this print on my wall? It's only £12.75.

Okay, this is a little bit left-field, but I'm pretty tempted by this giant gin vinyl fridge cover. Even if it is £99.99. You can even personalise it!

Gin accessories and beauty gifts

The "Officer! There's been a gincident!" bag I found was a HUGE hit with you earlier this year, so it's worth mentioning again...

How about the gin and titonic ice cube tray? Some might say they're in bad taste, but I like to think it's just another excuse for a nice cold G&T. They're £6.99 from iWoot.

Gin and tonic lip balm! It'll be like drinking gin all day, only without the hangover or inappropriate behaviour. It's £4.99 from The Present Finder.

The 'will flirt for gin' badge is basically true no matter who's wearing it. It's £2.49.

Juniper sling perfume means... yep, you'll go around smelling like gin all day. Although it is £110.

'Gin drinking with a difference' gifts

Last year, the 'grow your own gin and tonic' kit was pretty popular, and the company also makes a
grow your own sloe gin kit. It's only £12.99 and means you won't have to go foraging through hedgerows to find sloes any more - leaving you more time to drink gin.

With so many gins on the market, and new distilleries popping up all the time, buying a whole bottle of a new one can be a bit of a risk. The gin tasting set from Little Tipples is only £15 and you get three mini bottles of different gins to try. That's three brand new gin and tonic experiences and maybe a new favourite gin!

gin infusion kit! For under £20! This is exactly why I love Firebox.

Unusual stuff to drink gin out of...

The gin teacup from Yvonne Ellen may be a tad pricey at £34, but it's bloody beautiful.

For a much more reasonable price (£15), you could buy your favourite gin lover one of Toasted Glass' "There may be gin in here" mugs for their desk at work.

Or if you know a green-fingered gin fanatic, they might enjoy this Happy Gardener 'May Contain Gin' Thermos for £9.56 from Campus Gifts.

My beloved got me this Hendricks gin and teacup kit and I will love him forever for it. It's £32.95 from The Whisky Exchange.

Gin food!

These gin and tonic marshmallows are exquisite - a packet is £4.99 from Brighton Cakes.

Jam Tart Preserves has created a gin and tonic marmalade! It's only £3 a jar and uses high quality gin so you'll really enjoy your toast.

Gin and damson chocolate truffles sound like the best thing ever. A box is £19.99 from Not on the High Street.
You can also get gin and tonic truffles for £11.50 from John Lewis.

Gin homewares

Slice the lime for your G&T on this recycled gin bottle chopping board! It's £22.95 from Sarah Hill Glass.

A good bottle of Tanqueray did not get drunk in vain - it's been turned into a gin bottle lamp! It's £95 from Not on the High Street.

The gin o'clock clock means you'll never miss gin o'clock again. It's £25 from Swanky Maison.

Oh dear. Now I've seen this Hendricks recycled gin lampshade I think I'm going to be £165 poorer. Unless someone wants to buy it for me for Christmas? No? Worth a try...

That's it for another year - don't forget to check out last year's gin gift guide for some more ginspiration! Have a gin-filled Christmas!

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