Thursday, 27 November 2014

Vinspire's 2014 Christmas Beer Gift Guide

Buying gifts for a beer lover can be one of the most simple of Christmas shopping tasks. The supermarkets are lined with gift packs of standard lagers in a Christmassy box with a branded glass and maybe a coaster. It's simple, functional and puts a smile on their face. The trouble is, however, is that this can get a little bit predictable over the years. It's not that we don't appreciate the two cans and pint glass that will probably only ever be used for orange squash after finishing said cans on Christmas day, far from it. What we object to is you spending your hard earned cash on a liquid that is barely worth the cardboard in which it is presented.

I know navigating the internet through all of the gift websites for that perfect little thing for someone can be an arduous task, but that's where this little guide comes in. I'm going to give you a couple of handy hints and even give you a few ideas to please the hop connoisseur in your life.

Just remember, Fosters is out of the question!

Starting out a little bit left field, something from Firebox who are somewhat awesome. Spreadable beer! Finally you can eat beer! On toast! Everybody loves toast! £9.99 a jar from Firebox.

A bottle of beer is great. A big bottle of beer is even better! A magnum of beer to be precise! Containing just under four pints this will keep them going until lunch time. What's more it's actually a very good beer coming from a microbrewery in Britain. And just to make it that little bit more special, it can be personalised. £23.95 from Not on the High Street.

From the immensely talented Monique over at Toasted glass come these beautifully hand decorated beer glasses adorned with these rather lovely vintage pin up girls. £11 each from Toasted Glass.

Perfect for picnics or festival goers, this beer cosy will keep your beer cold and can double up if you hide that cheeky Tuesday afternoon beer at your desk. £6 from Not on the High Street.

I can pretty much recommend anything from my website of the year, Best of British Beer, but this mulled cider kit comes with everything you need to warm the cockles this Christmas. £24.50 from Best of British Beer.

Give them the horn with Das Horn! Make them feel like a proper Viking on this most holy of Christian days for £24.99 from Firebox. Plus it comes with a neck strap and a stand so you don't necessarily have to hold your horn all day...

Etsy have a great selection of beer inspired art work and this sign is just one of my favourites. Just make sure it's always on display! £7.99 from Etsy.

If you wanted to go for a proper good selection of beers then head over to Best of British Beer who's case choices cater to all needs. For a special Christmas twist, then go for the Christmas Six Pack. £21.99 from Best of British Beer

For an unforgettable scent without the night before, give them Beer Soap. It comes in all the classic flavours including Guinness and Stella! £5.99 from Firebox


For convenience and requiring almost no effort, the fridge magnet bottle opener has a super strong magnet that sticks to the fridge door. No more looking for the bottle opener! £15 from SUCKUK.

There are literally thousands of gifts out the for you to choose from coming from all manner of websites. These are just a few of my favourites and would be overjoyed to receive any of them under my tree. Hint hint.

Still struggling for ideas? Check out last years beer gift guide!

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