Friday, 20 October 2017

Friday Cocktail: Chestnut Royale

Photo: Arun Marsh

When winter strikes, some of our most-loved cocktails just don't seem as fun, with the daquiris, mojitos and coladas reminding us of warmer weather, long days by the pool and evenings sat in the garden.

But sometimes you just need to reinvent a cocktail a bit to make it more winter-friendly - and you often end up with a new favourite to enjoy for years to come.

This week, I've done just that, and my inspiration has been the bellinis/kir royales that are so perfect summer wedding/garden party drinks. But what if you substitute the fruit for an altogether more festive, warming flavour?

Chestnuts might be most popular for roasting over an open fire (or sprinkling over your brussels sprouts) but, as my post on 5 brilliant nut liqueurs proved, chestnut is also a super base for a liqueur. And I've recently realised that chestnut liqueur and Champagne should be best pals.

Now I know most of you probably won't have a bottle of this stuff in the cupboard already, but with Christmas parties a-plenty just around the corner (not to mention the Big Day itself) there is just enough time to grab a bottle of the notoriously tasty Briottet chestnut liqueur from Master of Malt. It's only £16.00, and I pretty much guarantee you'll love it so much it's all gone by January.

Chestnut Royale cocktail recipe (serves 4)


Shake it!

1. Pour 25ml (or one shot) of chestnut liqueur each into four champagne flutes.
2. Top up with sparkling wine
3. Grate a light sprinkling of nutmeg onto the top and then gently stir the drink (if you do this too quickly or roughly it will bubble up like mad!)

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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