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Advent Calendars With a Twist

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December is almost here! For months now there have been Christmas shops popping up all over the UK, there's talk about what will be Christmas' number 1 in the charts and the other day I say my first Coke Christmas ad of the year. That's right, it's nearly Christmas and time to start thinking long and hard about what to get as Christmas gifts and how you'll mark the festive period.

I honestly think that anyone who's into their whisky, wine, gin, rum or any booze really is dead simple to buy a gift for, but to help you along we'll be writing a few different guides with some cool ideas. However, this is idea needs to acted upon a bit earlier, but is sure to be a nailed on winner with the spirits fiend in your life.

To count down the days of advent and mark the days up until the significant day of the birth of Jesus Christ it is time to eschew the simple pictorial paper calendars and Cadbury offerings of old (don't even get me started on the One Direction abominations I saw in W H Smiths the other day) and try something different.

We've already told you about Best of British Beer's Beer Advent Calendar - but there's even more boozy advent delights out there...

Master of Malt have a wide array of different spirits based advent calendars available to suit any preference whether you are a fan of tequila, rum, gin, vodka, cognac or whisky!

That's right - for each day in December leading up to Christmas you (or a very lucky giftee) could wake up every morning to open the window on your advent calendar and be rewarded with a 3cl sample of spirit to (advisably) enjoy that night.

Each day would be something different will instill in even the most world wearied Grinchy McScrooge a child-like joy for this time of year and anticipation for Christmas... no guarantees.

The calendars that really caught my eyes are unsurprisingly the Whisky Calendar (£149.95), the Rum Calendar (149.95) and the Botanical Ginvent Calendar (£124.95).

Each contain 24 different samples that can be enjoyed and are perfect size for an evening tipple after work at one of the more stressful times of the year. The rum and whisky calendars are quite similar in that they are simply 24 different samples of each spirit, however the Botanical Ginvent offering is particular interesting as it has been designed to help you differentiate the different botanicals

used in making gin.

There is a standard base gin and each different day will have the same gin flavoured with a different botanical to teach you what each different one smells and tastes like. That is an amazing idea and will be sure to get any gin geek bouncing for joy.

I have gotten myself a Whisky Advent Calendar and will endeavour to sample and review each day's whisky here so that all you guys can follow me through the assuredly awesome experience.

The calendars range from £99.95 up to £279.95 and there is still time to order them in time for Christmas! Ho ho ho and all that!

Of course for the more artsy amongst you, you are able to could always have a go at making your own calendar like the one at the top of the page or just buying one that you can fill yourself and select from MoM's Drinks by the Dram selection.

 If you opt for this you can mix and match between different spirits and price ranges etc. and for me personally making up the selection would be just as fun as doing the tasting... well not quite, but almost!

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