Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thursday Beers: Chocolate-y Porters

Photo: Shari's Berries from Berries.Com

Here at Vinspire HQ we're celebrating chocolate week! In the spirit of this wonderful week I'm bringing to you two absolutely amazingly chocolate-y style beers.

Now these aren't just some novelty beers with added chocolate flavouring - I wouldn't allow it. These are beautifully crafter, toasty Porters.

Porter has been brewed since the 18th century and is similar to stout. Stout is so named for it being a 'stout porter', or extra strong porter, because the malt is roasted until black to impart a distinct colour and burnt flavour. Porters, however, just use brown malt.

Some time ago we had a look at an awesome Mocha beer from Batemans Brewery - and as you can see we absolutely loved it. So what about these beauties?

Number 1: Anchor Porter.

From the geniuses that brought us Anchor Steam Beer is the Anchor Porter from San Francisco.

A rich, dark colour, the nose is bursting with sumptuous caramel, candied nuts and coffee. On the palate the flavours of caramel continue with black fruit flavours, nuttiness and a long chocolate finish.

A rich, full bodied brew packed full of flavour.
Anchor Porter is £2.09 a bottle from Beers of Europe.

Number 2: Einstok Toasted Porter

Having been a huge fan of the Einstok White Ale, I jumped at the chance to try their Porter. Hailing from the Nordic Island of Iceland, this porter is slightly lighter in colour with a nose of freshly toasted bread, fudge, vanilla, sweet spice and a gorgeous smoky character.

The palate is massively full bodied with an almost chewy complexity. Flavours of blackberry, toast, cinnamon and smoke. The finish is so satisfying with a mouth coating chocolate-y flavour.

Einstok Toasted Porter is £2.78 from Beers of Europe.

Had any other Chocolate-y beers? Let us know in the comments!

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