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The ten best Halloween cocktails

If there's one time of year everyone seems to go all out for, with the most elaborate, fanciful cocktails, it's Halloween.

We've brought you plenty of Halloween cocktails over the years, including Laura's three ghoulish Halloween cocktail creations (the Hell's Martini, Greener Colada and the Bloody Cham-Pain) and now we've headed to the world wide (spider) web for more.

1. Dark and Stormy Death Punch

I like this because it's gruesome enough with the lychee and cherry eyeballs, but actually tastes amazing. The ice cubes are made with lychee syrup, and the ginger beer makes this perfectly seasonal, too.

A proper cocktail, Halloween-ified, with class.

From Food and Wine.

2. Bloody Shirley Temple

A simple idea, but sickeningly effective. The idea is you fill the syringes with grenadine (but you could also use something like blood orange juice.)

In fact, this is a perfect mocktail for people who are off the booze or for any small trick or treaters you see creeping around.

From This Grandma is Fun.

3. Jack-o-Lantern cocktail

I like this because it takes a simple Halloween concept, and makes it into something more.

Of course, the pumpkin top is going to make this very difficult to drink (unless you... put a straw through the orange slice?!) but then again, the novelty of this will probably wear off pretty quickly too...

From The Spruce Eats

4. Luscious Sour Apple Champagne cocktail

Most of the green Halloween cocktails are made with Midori, the fabulous green melon liqueur I use in the Greener Colada, but if you want something less tropical,this is a gorgeous, ghoulish-coloured alternative.

It's made with Champagne, apple sours, vanilla vodka and triple sec. Doesn't that sound gorgeous?
Absolutely brilliant work by Will Cook For Smiles.

5. Hocus Pocus Punch

I just love how this looks like a swirly spell happening inside a glass. It's also pretty healthy, seeing as it's stuffed full of apple and blood orange and filled with a low-calorie sangria.

You can buy lots of tasty low-alcohol wines from Skinny Booze, or pick your favourite moscato (we love Mrs Wigleys!)

Found on WomansDay

6. Boozy Butterbeer

That's right Harry Potter fans, it's a boozy version of Butterbeer. This comes from Heather Bailey's wonderful blog and is a pretty close match to the real thing (well, the one I tried at the Warner Bros Studio Tour anyway!), with the addition of some delicious vodka to make it more Deathly Hallows than Philosopher's Stone.

7. Pumpkin Sangria

Another 'oh look, it's a pumpkin!' cocktail, only this time it's full of the real thing.

It's another of the more classy Halloween cocktails I've found, so if you're having a more sedate spookfest, a glass of pumpkin sangria might go down a treat. It's full of spice, with a little maple syrup added for some autumnal sweetness. Gorgeous.

Found via Food Network.

8. Brain Haemorrhage Shot

This is just gross, right? But so brilliant!

The effect is created by using liquids with different weights and densities, which sounds a bit curdle-tastic, but the taste is rather like peaches and cream thanks to the peach schnapps and baileys combo. Sounds wrong, but is somehow right.

Found via the brilliant James and Everett.

9. The Poison Apple

Possibly my favourite ever halloween cocktail now I've discovered it. It's been created by The Little Epicurean.

The eery-looking cocktail has that wonderful Snow White motif, but the shiny red apple garnish is totally striking. And it's made with whiskey, sour apple schnapps and cranberry juice.

10. The Bleeding Heart Martini

A classic martini, but instead of an olive garnish, Martha Stewart uses a baby beetroot that's been speared with a metal cocktail stick, giving the effect of a bleeding heart in your drink. Wow. That's fascinatingly creepy. She's a genius.

All these and more are featured in our Pinterest board: Spooky Halloween Cocktails and Drinks.

I hope these cocktails give you chills of excitement and spookify your drinking this Halloween. Tell me your favourites in the comments, and send me any other amazing recipes you know!

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