Saturday, 20 October 2018

Five drinks tricks to make your Halloween party a treat

The spookiest day of the year is fast approaching, and if you're planning on doing the Monster Mash at a Halloween party, you're going to need some drinkspiration if you want to make it a real 'graveyard smash'.

Here are five epic drinks tricks to make your halloween party a real treat (see what I did there? Ghoulishly clever...)

1. The ghostly face and hands in the punch bowl

If you're serving up a spooky, cauldron-esque punch, you can take it to the next level by having ghostly hands and a haunted face floating in it, both keeping it cool and terrifying your guests.

This wonderful old video on the Martha Stewart website tells you how to do it perfectly (you just freeze some water inside plastic gloves and a plastic mask). It's so easy but really effective.

2. The adorable ghost marshmallows in a Halloween hot chocolate

Not all ghosts are scary: some are just plain adorable. Don't let your Halloween cocoa be without these adorable little ghost marshmallows. All you need is some edible black marker, which you can buy for just £1.99 from The Craft Company.

There are many variations of this online but this is by far the cutest. We have Family Fresh Meals to thank for that.

3. The ghoulish glassware

Nothin finishes off a spooky cocktail (or even just your regular tipple) like a ghoulish glass, and there are plenty of them about, some of which are far better than others.

I recommend Amazon's skull goblet (£11.23) or Hobbycraft's skull glass (£2) for some spooky sophistication.

DrinkStuff also sell Halloween syringe shots (bottom right) you can fill with your favourite red cocktail (or fill with a grenadine-spiked shot): a set of 5 is £4.99.

If you're not convinced about spending that kind of money on something you may well only use once, these skull paper cups (bottom left) are £2.95 and are still pretty stylish.

4. The pumpkin ice bucket

This really is one of the best ideas I've found. It's practical as well as decorative, and ridiculously easy to make. You just scoop out all the innards, line it with ice cube bags or the like, and fill with ice and your bottles of choice.

You've got Southern Living to thank for this idea: there's a video tutorial on their site, too.

5. The creepy ice cubes

There are loads of Halloween ice cubes out there - from filling the tray with plastic spiders or gummy worms to dyeing the ice cubes red with blood orange juice.

My all-time favourite, however, has to be the eyeball ice cubes - again from the genius that is Martha Stewart. You simply use radishes and pimento-stuffed olives - they take about five minutes to create and are well worth it when you pop one in your guests' glasses. You can also use just black olives instead if you'd like your eyes to be darker...

We hope your Halloween is spooktacular.

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