Monday, 13 October 2014

Glasses with Class: Stand-Out Statement Tumblers

We've given a lot of 'Glasses with Class' love to the boozy wine and cocktail glasses - and even a gone gaga for decanters - but I am a sucker for a pretty tumbler to show off to visitors and brighten up dull days and duller kitchens.

As I'm moving into my first new place with The Boy in a few weeks, I've obviously spent about 80% of my time scouring Home websites looking for the perfect pretty things with which to stock my new kitchen. And I've found some AMAZINGLY pretty tumblers and high-balls so even booze-free days can be special.

Here's the best of the best (and they start at less than £1 a glass):

1. LSA Mezzo HighBall Rose Glasses - £25 for 4 at OCCA Home

Even water looks stunning in these.

2. Rob Ryan Only Time Tumblers - £16.95 for 2 at AMARA

It's like a little wonderland in a glass. Rob Ryan always gets it right.

3. Mixer Glasses with Sprayed Base - £3.49 for 4 at Dunelm Mill

Such a bargain! That's less than a quid a glass! And just enough colour to make them stand out.

4. Vintage Tumblers - £35 for 4 at Marks and Spencer

Just look at the detail! And the colours make me very happy indeed.

5. Fred Set of 3 Nesting Babushkup Glasses - £14 at House of Fraser

You can actually stack them inside each other. That makes them pretty much irresistible to me.

6. LSA Cirro Tumbler in Cobalt - £46 for 4 at AMARA

Back to trusty LSA again, and these are killer dinner party water glasses. Muchos show-off points.

7. Birdy Glass Tumbler - £8 at Oliver Bonas

It's not even just blue tits! They also come in thrush, robin and wagtail. I love them so much.

8. Decal Leaf Glass - £3 at Matalan

I love these, but I also love how they look so much more expensive than they are.

9. Ribbon Cuff Tumblers - £8 at Anthropologie

The colours, the glass, the shape... just gorgeous.

10. Habitat Cassiopea Purple Angular Tumbler - £2.50 at Homebase

That's a lot of style for £2.50.

11. Scion Mr. Fox Tumbler - £4 at AMARA

Oh hi there, Mr. Fox.

12. Pols Potten Mixed Cuttings Tumblers - £60 for 6 at AMARA

I cannot get enough of these. I think they might be my winner...

So there you have it. Proof that tumblers can be just as pretty as wine glasses and that we should all go out and buy pretty water glasses because WHY NOT. Let me know your favourite in the comments...?

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